ADAB dress, and make VISIT

Tata Krama dress
a. Clothing function
tamuThere are three kinds of clothing functions, namely as a cover genitalia, to maintain health, and for beauty. Guidance Islam contains high moral upbringing. In the genitalia, Islam has determined that genitalia is males between the navel samapi both knees. While for women is the whole body except the face and palms.
About the form of clothing or a model, not Islam restriction, because this is related to local culture. Therefore, we wear clothes with any model, for the clothing requirements as a cover genitalia.

Clothing is a cover for the body to provide protection from the dangers of immoral, to provide protection from sunburn and terpaan rain, as the identity of a person, as the price of one self, and a need to shame someone. First, wear clothing that is a polite close genitalia, and also loose, so do not give a description or the relief of the body, especially for women. Now people have been calling for something like that is said to be ancient and not follow the fashion era now or not modis. Arising clothes you can see or similar tanktop, etc.. A unique, the fewer materials used and increasingly tight clothes, the clothes are more expensive. There are a few have said, “Children nowadays shirts kayaking clothing small children, pantesan my clothes ru children rada hard, fight it or adults.” It’s not one he said such matters, yet, it is reality. Even if we can not maintain our genitalia, we will be busy. It is not possible we will be interfaces genitals in front of the public, if this is done, then we can be called mad. You do not want called mad?
Curiously, now many women, especially some of belomba race to wear clothes that are modis. Clothing is actually used by the (sorry) PSK and WTS to entrap customers, but the time line, the clothing has changed for contradictor decoy types, so the more enamored of the opponent, many more cases of immoral acts that we often read in the media print, electronic, or we may never see or do their own. Sexual harassment exists everywhere. Is not the mukminin and mukminat has been ordered by God in the holy book of nan, the Koran, Al-A’raf paragraph 26: (see Al-Qur’an Onlines in google)
This means: Hi, son of Adam! We have to dress down to cover auratmu and beautiful clothes to jewelry. And clothing that is the most godly good. That is Many of the signs of God’s power, hopefully they will always remember. (QS Al A’raf: 26)

Or Q.S. Al-Ahzab paragraph 59 which means: (see Al-Qur’an Onlines in google)
This means: the O Prophet! Say to your wives, children, women, and wives of the believers, “Let them pass all jilbabnya to their bodies.” That is that they are easily recognizable because they are not disturbed. And Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. (QS Al-Ahzab: 29)

But why only the women folk are discussed? Yes, because women are the most human dignity is maintained by Allah SWT. It is guarded but a scar still not grateful?
Try to think, very unfortunately, to the women of God, Allah, the Merciful-up to discuss matters little that. Therefore let us keep the price of some women themselves for the achievement of our future.

b. Arab dress

Islam prohibits his dress is too tight or thin (narrow body shape so that the original). The main function (as a cover genitalia) have been met, but when the clothes are made in strict (narrow), so it is prohibited by Islam. Similarly clothes that are too thin. Clothing that displays the strict form of a body of users, while clothing that appeared to be too thin skin color users. Both methods are prohibited by Islam because it will only attract attention and move appetite for lust opponent variety. In this dawn said:
صنقان من اهل النار لم ارهما قوم سياط كا الاذناب البقر يضربون بها الناس. و نساء كا سيات عاريات مميلات رؤوسهن كأشنمة البخت المائلاة لا يدخلن الجنة و لا يخذ ن ريحها ليوخذ من مسيرة كذا و كذا (رواه مسلم)
This means: “There are two groups of experts from the Fire, which I have never see both of them, namely 1) that people bring an animal such as cattle scourge that they use to make people beat (a pitiless ruler, 2) women dressed, but naked, which tend to to act salary, hair of a camel hump. They can not enter heaven, and will not smell the smell the smell of paradise in heaven that can travel as far tercium so and so. “(HR Muslim)

There are two purposes to be a conclusion on this word, is as follows:
1. The purpose is to bring people such as animal cow whip is the women who use hair connection (pine in the Java language), with hair that looks as long and many other women. Next, referred to as hair or a camel hump is for a woman who menyanggul hair. Both ways (for use pine and menyanggul), including that of the Islamic tecela
2. They said to dress as they placed the clothes on his body, but something is not working as a cover genitalia. Therefore, they said, naked. In the modern era, like today, too many people (women) wear very thin so that the color of the skin, clearly visible from the outside. Meanwhile, many other women who wear relatively thick, but because it is so strict form of a visible dent body. Both ways to dress like that (unduly thin and tight), including things that are forbidden in Islam.

The characteristics of Islamic women’s clothing outside the home is:

• Clothing should cover the genitalia, as desired Sharia.
• Clothing is not too thin, so invisible shadow body from the outside.
• Clothing is not strict or narrow but loose and comfortable to use. I must be close parts of the body that arouse sexual lust of men.
• Color clothing page as bleak or dark black, gray smoke or war.
• Clothing is not a one-time-use with the odor of fragrant bauan
• Clothing is tdak ‘bertasyabbuh’ (same or resemble) with the clothes that men do not mimic or resemble men’s clothing.
• Wear clothes that do not resemble the women disbelieve and idolaters.
• Wear clothing that is not to glorify oneself or to appoint or make-nunjuk-conditioning.

Female genitalia are independent (also khunsa) in the prayer is the whole body except the face and the hands of the birth and inner circle to hand. Therefore, if you see the hair out when praying or see the inner foot when the bow and prostrate themselves, then batallah sholatnya.

Female genitalia independent outside praying in front of men ajnabi or not muhram
That is the whole body. This means, including face, hair, the palms of his hands (and mental birth) and the second leg (and mental birth). So, number cau or protected throughout the body from the view of men who ajnabi to avoid defamation of. However, according to mahzab Syafei.

In front of women who reject Auratnya is working as genitalia, namely the entire body except the head, face, neck, two palms until the second day and the second legs. Thus when the genitals are also in the presence of women is not clear that private or wataknya or women who are damaged akhlaknya.

When alone, fellow men and women who become muhramnya Auratnya is between the center and knee However, to maintain the culture and to maintain the validity and things that are not desirable, it closed more than necessary in order not to arouse the appetite. It is important to avoid libel.

One of the problems often experienced by most people be the release and wear good clothes for the purpose of washing clothes, sleeping, or the past. Sunnah-Sunnah relating to the release and wear are as follows: Bismillah said. It is well spoken and when to remove the wear. Imam An-Nawawy said: “Bismillah say is recommended in all deeds.” Starting with the right side When Will The CLOTHES. Based on the Prophet Shallallahu ‘margin-bottom: Written. “When you wear it to begin with the right side.”

c. Men folk of Forbidden The Round Gold and Silk Apparel

In this case, the ring of gold and silk clothes that are used by the men folk, Caliph Ali once said, pleased:
نهاتى رسول الله ص م عن التختم بالذهب و عن لباس القسى و عن لباس المعصفر (رواه الطبرانى)
This means: “He said I never prohibit a gold ring and wear silk clothing and clothing dipped by ashfar.” (HR Thabrani)

The definition of ashfar is such wenter yellow, which is used mostly by women disbelieve in that time. Ibn Umar hand as follows:
رأى رسول الله ص م علي ثوبين معصفرين فقال: ان هذه من ثياب الكفار فلا تلبسها
This means: “He said I never see the two-dyed clothes perfect for the heat he ashfar: This is something the unbelievers, therefore, do not use.”

Prohibition of the men wear gold rings and clothes of silk is a high moral upbringing. God has created a nation that has a male instinct with different women, has a different layout body with the female body. Men have an instinct to protect women’s relatively weak physical kondosi. Therefore, it is not feasible if the men had mimic the behavior of women who make up and dress like indaah and spoiled. From the other side, this ban as well as a preventive attitude towards life bermewah-mewahan, while there are still many people who live below the poverty line.

3. Tata Krama make

In fact Islam for beauty of love’s beauty is still in reasonable limits and not contrary to the norms of religions.

Some provisions in religious issues, among others, make this as follows:

a. Men are prohibited from using the gold ring
As the restrictions that are intended by the dawn of Ali r.a

b. Do not bertato teeth and hone
At the time of jahiliyah many Arab women who menato most of his body, face and hands with the color blue in the form of carving. In the current era (especially in the environmental community’s) bertato many people by men. With have, feel they have benefited from other people.
The file is with the teeth is cut short and tidy teeth. Hone teeth done by many women with the intention to appear neat and beautiful. Upon the dawn;
لعن رسول الله ص م الواشمة و المشتوشمة و الواشرة و المشتوشرة (رواه الطبرانى)
This means “the dawn melaknat that women and menato who have the market, the teeth and hone the request be filed teeth.” (HR At Thabrani)

c. Do not connect the hair
The addition of the front (in the case of connecting the hair), there is also the history as follows:
سالت امراة النبي ص م فقالت يا رسول الله ان ابنتي اصابتها الحصية فامرق شعرها واني زوجتها افأصل فيه? فقال: لعن الله الواصلة و المستوصلة (زواه البجارى)
This means: “A woman asked the prophet said: O Messenger of Allah, the children struck down a disease so that the hair fall out, and I want to give him. Whether I can connect hair. The Messenger of Allah said: Allah melaknat women who melaknat women who melaknat hair. “(HR Bukhari)

d. Do not exaggerate in titivate
The excess surplus is passing through the datas in the fair to enjoy the lawful. Make-lebiha in excess tend to the arrogant and bermegah-megahan a very disgraceful in Islam. Setipa Muslim and can be muslimat flinch from things that can cause the morgue, well dressed and in the make up of the other. Polish the face with the make-up and excessive use of gold jewelry in the neck, both hands and both feet, including a colorful overstatement. The act that is not intended to attract the attention of other parties, especially the kind opponent. If it is meant to attract the attention her husband is good to be done. However, when it referred to all persons (other than the husband), so it includes acts that dialranga in Islam. Besides leading to hubris, overconfidence, including acts tabzir, while tabzir prohibited by Allah SWT. (see Al-Qur’an Onlines in google)
This means: “26) Give the families who will close their rights, to poor people and people in the travel and do not menghambur-hamburkan (wealth) in a spendthrift. 27) Indeed, the profligate spender-brothers is the devil and the devil is very dissenter to the Lord. (QS Al-Isra: 26-27)

In Bertatakrama VISIT and Receive Guests

4. Tata Krama VISIT

VISIT is one way to connect the rope which is recommended by Islam. Islam gives freedom to be a guest in his. Manners in the visit must be kept so that it can visit the destination is reached. When the manners of this report, the purpose of the visit would be damaged, namely merenggangnya relationship persaudaran .. Islam has provided guidance in the visit, that is not the three-time visit to the genitals.

Is a three-time genitalia zuhur is postwar, after ISYA ‘, and before dawn. Allah SWT said: (see Al-Qur’an Onlines in google)
This means: “O those who believe, let slaves (male and female) that you have, and those who are not responsible of you, ask permission to you three times (in one day), namely: before morning prayer , When you undress (outside) you in the middle of the day and after the prayer Isya ‘. (That’s) three ‘genitals for you. There is no sin for and not (also) other than their top three (of time) that. They serve you, as you (there is a need) to some (other). Thus God explains the revelations for you. And Allah is Knower, Wise. (QS An-Nur: 58)

Third time is a time genitalia because time is usually used. Normally, the rest just wear the simple (because of heat for example) so that some of the auratnya open. When the slaves and small children are required to request permission when the entrance to the room the father and mother, let alone other people who visit. VISIT at the time it would be impossible not pester the host would break, because forced to dress neatly to receive the guests arrival.

5. How Good VISIT
How to be a guest of both, according to Islam, among others, as follows:
a. Dressed in a neat and fast
VISIT wear with the appropriate means to respect the host and himself. Guests who dress neatly and appropriately will be more respected by the host, and also vice versa. Allah SWT said: (see Al-Qur’an Onlines in google)
This means: “If you berbua good (means) you do good for yourself and if you misbehave, the (crime) is for yourself ….” (QS Al-Isra: 7)

b. Cue, and when one comes
Allah SWT said: (see Al-Qur’an Onlines in google)
This means: “O those who believe, do not enter the house, which houses not ask permission before and salute to the residents. That is better for you to (always) remember. “(QS An-Nur: 27)
He that:
ان رجلا استأذن على النبي ص م و هو فى بيت فقال: “الج” فقال النبي ص م لجادمه: اخرج الى هذا فعلمه الاستأذان فقل له: قل “السلام عليكم ا ادخل” فسمعه الرجل فقل “السلام عليكم ا ادخل” فاذن النبي ص م قد دخل (رواه ابو داود)
This means: that a man ask for permission to house the Prophet Mohammed while he is in the house. He said: Can I enter? The Prophet PBUH said to pembantunya: Meet people and teach it to him and ask him to say he “Assalmu alikum, can I enter” the men heard what the prophets taught, and he said, “Assalmu alikum, can I enter?” Prophet PBUH to give permission to him then he go. (HR Abu Daud)

c. Do not peek into the home
Upon the dawn of meaning: “From Sahal bin Saad said: There was a man peek from the door of the house sebuh hole dawn and at the time that he’s comb her hair. But the dawn said: “If I know you pry me, I would plug in your eyes. He memerintahkanuntuk ask permission because it is to keep the eyes. “(HR Bukhari)

d. Request for entry permits a maximum of three times
If you have three, but there has been no response from the host, should first and came home on other occasions.

e. Introducing themselves before entering
When the host not know / not know, guests should introduce themselves clearly, especially if you visit at night. He is on a hadits means: “He was pleased from Jabir said: I have come to the dawn and then I knock the door of his house. The Prophet PBUH said: “Who is it?” I said: “I” He said: “I, my …!” as if he was angry” (HR Bukhari)

The word “I” has not provided clarity. Therefore, guests should mention the name itself clearly so that the host does not hesitate to accept his return

f. Guests men are prohibited entry into the house when the host is a woman
In this case, women who are at home alone should also not give permission incoming guests. Favorite male guests into the house while it only as a self-invite bahay for himself. Therefore, guests simply found outside only.

G. Log in and sit politely
After the host to take in, hendajnya guests enter and sit politely in a seat that has been provided. Guests should restrict themselves, do not look to go everywhere freely. The view is not limited (especially for foreign guests) can cause suspicion for the host. Guests can be considered as people who are not complacent, and even can be computed as the evil people who seek out opportunities. When guests are interested in to something (such as a wall decoration), he put more light to the host that he was interested and want to watch.

h. Receive reception hosted by happy
When the host to provide the meal, guests should receive a meal with a happy, do not reveal attitudes are not happy to regale it. If not with the meal, should be clear that he is not accustomed to enjoy the food or drink like that. If the host has been favorite to enjoy, guests should enjoy it immediately, do not wait until the round-time favorite host himself.

i. Start your meal with a reading basmalah and ended with a reading hamdalah
KID in a word that means: “If someone among you would eat it mention the name of God, if you forget the name of Allah, in the beginning, should read: Bismillahi awwaluhu waakhiruhu.” (HR Abu Daud and Turmudzi)

j. Eat with your right hand, the nearest ambilah and do not memili
Islam has given guidance that eating and drinking should be done with the right hand, is not complacent with the left hand (except the right hand could not). This way not only made the visit alone. Mkelainkan in different atmosphere, both at home and in the homes of others

k. Clean dishes, do not leave the remaining food berceceran
While there are people who feel embarrassed when the plates are used to eating out clean, there is no makann remaining on it. They worry considered too greedy. Islam gives a better guide, not just the feeling that sometimes people misunderstand. Guests using the plates to enjoy the host, the plates should be clean from the remaining food. No need to leaving food on the pring dipakainya the former sometimes execration cause for the view.

l. Go home after affairs
Opportunity to visit can be used to discuss various issues of life. However, the discussion must be limited to about the issues that are important, according to the purpose of the visit. Should be avoided pembicraan that there is no end pangkalnya, first discuss other people. Guests are wise not to extend the visit, his attitude response to the host. When the host have minutes notice, guests should immediately say goodbye as possible once the host will immediately go or manage other problems. When a host ruamh require guests to stay first, guests should be clever-clever read the situation, whether the request seriously or just a sweetener atmosphere. If the demand is seriously wrong if there is no guest extend the visit in accordance limits.

6. Old Time VISIT Maximum Three Days Three Nights

To the guests who stay far away places, Islam gives leeway for a visit three days and nights. Time twersebut said as the rights of visit. After that time passed then drop the right to visit, unless the host will. By limiting the time three days and nights, the burden of the host does not stand in the telampau weight tamuhnya.

7. Tata Krama Receive Guests

a. Receive obligations Guest

As the perfect religion, Islam also provides guidance for uamtnya in receiving guests. Therefore, the importance of this issue (receive guests) so that the dawn as a measure of faith perfection. This means, one of the benchmark perfection is a gesture of faith in receiving guests. Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad SAW:
من كان يؤمن با الله واليوم الاخر فاليكرم ضيفه (رواه البخارى)
This means: “Whoever believes in Allah and the end of the day, he should be exalted guests.” (HR Bukhari)

b. How to Receive a Good Guest

1) appropriate dress
As the visit, the host should wear appropriate arrival in the receiving guests. Richly dressed in the arrivals of delegates and guests to respect the meaning itself. Islamic respect to an array of dress, clean and polite. Rasululah PBUH said that means: “Eat and Minunmlah you, and you should give berpakaianlah you, but not with the arrogant and overpopulation. He is very happy to see the former enjoying the world in the servants. “(HR Baihaqi)

2) Receiving guests with a good attitude
The host should receive the guests arrival with a good attitude, for example, face a bright, the faces smile, and so forth. One-time do not ignore, especially their faces and did not want memandangnmya fairly. Turn face or did not see the guest means a hubris that must be promising as far as possible.

3) ability to entertain guests in accordance
Including one of the ways is to respect the delegates gave him the meal.

4) No need to invent inventions
Liabilities entertain guests that Islam is determined by the ability of a host. Therefore, the host should not be too bothered in the guests. For the host should be able to provide appropriate meals, while for the less able to adjust henaknya capacity. If only able to provide water, the water that are presented. If there is no white water, is sufficient entertain guests with a smile and a friendly attitude

5) The duration of time
In accordance with the rights of delegates, the obligation of fame is the guest three days, including the day bands played formidable sets. The rest of the time it is for charity. Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad SAW:
الضيافة ثلاثة ايام فما كان وراء ذالك فهو صدقة عليه (متفق عليه)
This means: “Respect for the delegates to three days. The rest is for charity. “(HR sick but I’m still Muttafaqu)
6) Take the door to the home page if the delegates
One of the commendable way that can be fun when guests are host to accompany guests to the door of the page. Guests will feel more enthusiasm because the host feel respected and accepted with good attendance.

c. Women alone in the house guests are prohibited from accepting men into his house without the permission of her husband

It intends to maintain defamation and the danger that may occur on the women themselves. He said: (see Al-Qur’an Onlines in google)
This means: “… Then the righteous woman, who is obedient to maintain self again saw her husband when there is not, because the SAW maintain (them )…” (QS An-Nisa: 34
Upon the dawn;
المرأة راعية فى بيت زوجها و هي مسئولة عن راعيتها (رواه احمد و البجارى و مسلم و ابو داود و الترمدى و ابن عمر)
This means: “Woman is (like) Products in the house her husband. He will be asked about pengembalaannya (asked for accountability). “(HR Ahmad, BUKHARI, Muslim, Abu Daud, Ibn Umar and Turmudzi)

Therefore, the male guests simply found outside the house only, or are coming again (if necessary), while her husband has returned to work. Leaving the male guests into the house when he (the women) only one self, the same with the opportunity to be a danger for the emergence itself. The danger that can be referred to the loss of property and likely will arise that threaten the sustainability of defamation house hold.


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