Keteladanan messengers of God priode Mecca

gua-hiraIslam began in 622 years when the first revelation sent down to the last messenger Muhammad bin Abdullah in Hira ‘, Saudi Arabia. Islamic history recounts the development of Islam until now.
Islam emerged in the Arabian Peninsula in the 7th century BC when the Prophet Muhammad get a revelation from God s.w.t. After the death of Rasullullah s.a.w. Islamic kingdom as far as developing in the Atlantic Ocean West and Central Asia in the East. Long-run Islamic Ummah party and there are many kingdoms, the other Islamic muncul.Namun Therefore, the emergence kingdoms such as the Islamic kingdom Umayyah, Abbasiyyah kingdom, the kingdom of Turkish Seljuks, Kekhalifahan Ottoman, Mughal Empire India, and Malacca Sultanate has become a kerajaaan terkuat and the largest in the world. A place of learning science has been a great one to realize the glorious Islamic civilization.

Many experts in science, philosophy experts and others emerged from Islamic countries especially in the Golden Age of Islam.
In the century to the 18 and 19 BC, many areas of Islam fall into the hands of European colonizers. After World War I, the Kingdom of the Ottoman empire, namely Islam last fall worship the earth.

Arabian Peninsula before the arrival of Islam is an area which passed by the silk route. Most Arab is a pagan, and there are some followers of Christian and Jewish religions. Mecca is a sacred place for the Arab nation when it karana where there are idols and their religion, there are also Telaga Zamzam and the most important Temple.
Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. was born in Mecca in the Year of the Elephant (570 or 571 remains). He was an orphan after his father Abdullah bin bdul Muthalib and his mother, Aminah bint Wahab died. He grew up by the uncle Abu Talib. Developments with the then married Siti Khadijah and a life of opportunity and secure.
However, when the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. aged more than 40 years, he was a volunteer by the Angel Gabriel as After some time he taught the teachings of Islam are closed to colleagues terdekatnya and so are open to all residents of Mecca.
In the year 622 BC, the followers and emigrated to Medina. This event is called the Hijrah. Other events that occurred after the migration is the beginning of Hijrah calendar.
Mecca and Medina then fight. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. won the battle, although there are many of them soldiers who died Islam. In time the people of Islam to be strong and successful open city Mecca. Kewafatan after the Prophet Muhammad, the entire Arabian Peninsula under the control of the Islamic people.

A. Figure of Prophet Muhammad as a man.

Have you buy, such as the Messenger of Allah? He was known as the honest people, leaders who always think people, and also a box. We must Learning personality Messenger, the prilaku because that is very useful for the nation, the State and Religion. Keteladanan Messenger proved when he spread the religion of Islam is full of obstacles in Mecca. Keteladanan whether you can take dardi pristiwa the spread of Islam.
Embrace their struggle for Allah. It is very important so that it will grow to love him and we make it good example in life.
Islam developed with the sacrifice of many, be good property, life and energy. We should be grateful for the struggle of the Prophet Muhammad and friend-friend and the tabi’it tabi’in and the parson salihin a sincere struggling with the development of Islam. Let us learn the Prophet preached. In the priode Mecca and community reaction to the arrival of Islam
The Prophet Muhammad is the last prophet and the light of faith for mankind. The birth of the Prophet Muhammad a mercy for the worlds. Around the year 570 M, the Arab peninsula, which is barren. The land consists of hills, rocks, desert sands of the Sahara and the broad consciousness. The climate is very hot and almost all the area is surrounded by a sea of social damage. Circumstances akidahnya astray, cult statues of the gods are everywhere, gambling, drunk-mabukan and made women a pemuas appetite has become a tradition. All that indicates the damage that severe behavior life.
In the midst of error faith and morals damage, the baby was born men believe in the circumstances. His father named Abdullah had died when he was aged 3 months in the womb of his mother (Aminah). Both are gentle Quresy. His father is the daughter of bin Wahab bin Abdul Manaf bin Qilab Venus. Muhammad was born on Monday on 12 Rabiul Awal year coincides Elephant 20 April 571 M. Year called Elephant because in the city of Mecca is deserbu army Abrahah from Yemen, Ethiopia. Abrahah is the governor of Ethiopia that came with berkenderaan elephant. Purpose Abrahah to destroy world is futile. Abrahah destroyed by the army and the pebble casting brought by birds Ababil on the commandments of God. Events army destroyed the elephant described in the Qur’an Al Fil.
Abdul Muthalib grief over the death of her son (Abdullah) to be lost with the birth of grandchildren men. Abdul Muthalib membopong grandchildren men lakinya circumnavigate the world, witnessed by the entire Quresy noblemen and the child is given the name Muhammad by the grandfather means “the praiseworthy”.
Habits people have been Mecca for feeding and raising their children in the village that the air is fresh, healthy and natural. At first, those villagers who would not know because he was feeding the orphans and the poor. Observing this, Aminah increase in the grief and pay attention while baby-lakinya men, living through the internet on al marhum her husband. First person breastfeeding Muhammad is his mother alone. After that, fed by Suaibah Muhammad Al Aslamiyah (former slave of Abu Lahab), and Halimah bint Abu Duaib As Sa’diyah. Halimah comes from the mountain to try to bring breastfeeding and the prophet, Muhammad with the hope that it will bring blessings. Halimah menyusukannya for 2 years and mengasuhnya for 2 years after the Guardian 4 years in care. Actually Halimah Muhammad still want to treat longer, but very Aminah
Miss her sons. After that, Aminah request to treat the Prophet Muhammad. At the age of 6 years old Muhammad asked his mother to Medina while pilgrimage to the graves of his father with the Umm Aiman (slave relics al marhum’s father). This is the first time to travel far for Muhammad and is the first introduction to the outdoors.
Once in Medina and meet with colleagues, relatives, Muhammad invited to the graves of his father. Some years earlier, he had heard stories about his father. He stared at his father’s tomb sad. Kesedihannya still have not lost, when invited to continue journey home to Mecca. In the return trip, namely the Al-Abwa ” Aminah fell sick and died. Jenazahnya to the place where he died. Previously, Muhammad did not witness his father’s funeral, he is now witnessing a direct pullout of his mother for ever. Grief that has not lost before, now that sadness, plus more. With the situation orphaned Muhammad continue journey home through a remote hannya desertai Umm Aiman. Once in Mecca, he fostered by the grandfather. Not long after when he was 8 years old, grandfather died. Muhammad is prepared to become prophets and messengers. Throughout its lifetime is always given a trial with various chain grief unfailing. Previous died, Abdul Muthalib intestate Muhammad in order to foster the uncle, namely Abu Talib. Abu Talib was his son, he was a trader to the country Syam (France). Although Abu Talib own children, but he does not differentiate between children and their own kemenakannya.
At the age of 12 years, Muhammad asked Abu Talib traded to the country Syam. Once on Syam, their Bashra layover in (a city that there exists a monastery). There they met with the finance Abu menasehatkan and Bukhaira Talib Muhammad to immediately bring home to Mecca and to protect it better. Curate Bukhaira know the situation and consider the Prophet Muhammad that there are signs of a prophet and messenger.
At the age of 14 years, Muhammad had the courage to follow uncle (zubair) in lperang Fijar (Harbal Fijar) sanctity of war. War is Quresy between the tribe and clan Qais caused by the descendants of the issue and kebangsawanan. In that war, Muhammad helped provide armament, namely memunguti arrows and bring them to release to the enemy.
In the age before the adult, Muhammad Khadijah sell merchandise, Khadijah is a rich widow, noblemen and wise. Khadijah is very interested in the behavior and honesty Muhammad. Finally, at the age of 25 years, he married Khadijah age of 40 years. During settle with Khadijah Muhammad has six children, namely:
a. Qasim, died when the age of 2 years
b. Zaenab married with Abal
c. Ruqayyah married with Uthman
d. Umm Kalsum is married with Uthman
e. Fatimah Zahrah Cathy married to Ali bin Talib r.a
f. Abdullah died when still small.

At the time he was aged 35 years in Mecca floods occur so that Black Stone collapsed. After the fall Black Stone, almost bloodshed occurred between nomadic tribe, as each fight to raise or fix to the original place. All nomadic tribe decided to ask the court to the Prophet Muhammad. It appeared that way from the court accepted and he can satisfy all the nomadic tribe. Because it was held in Al-Amin, which means that people who dioercaya.

B. Prophet Muhammad as a messenger

Priode Mecca held since appointed Muhammad became prophet and messenger of the marked decrease with the revelation yaitul Alaq first paragraph to 1-5, before he fled to the Prophet Muhammad to Medina. The period that lasts for 13 years, namely from the year 610 – 622M. This is very serious because the Messenger felt more obstacles to get, especially from the environmental community or his people. After the Prophet Muhammad, received a second revelation that Al Muddatstsir that read: (see al-qur’an online in google)
This means: “O people berselimut, Arise and warn! Tuhanmmu and magnify, and pakaianmu clean, and sin (pagan) tingglkanlah, and do not give (the purpose) to obtain a more replies. And for (the meeting) Lord, have patience. “(Al Muddatstsir paragraph 1-7)

1. Da’wah in secretly.
Paragraph above shows that each of the messenger is always diligent, and not fast ulet despair. After the advent of this down, start the Messenger of Allah, in criticizing secretly. He particularly criticizing the people closest to him, and the colleague that they first believed seruannya and follow it. The place chosen by him for criticizing the house Abil Al-Arqam bin Makhzumy Al-Arqam. The Companions of the Prophet of Islam is the first entry as follows:
a. Abu Bakr,
b. Siti Khadijah
c. Ali bin Abi Talib
d. Zaid bin Haristah

Apart from the above, with the assistance and Siti Khadijah Abu Bakr Siddiq from day to day bertambahlah those who believe in his invocation, from either the men or women. People who believe that divided the three classes of rich, aristocratic classes and groups sahaya servants and the people of the village. They are criticizing secretly for more than 3 years, the invocation and embrace the prophet Muhammad. If they want to worship God, they must go to a place that is far from the city of Mecca in the slit-like grip of the hill, so not known by the unbelievers. They realized that when viewed by the unbelievers, they will get and danger holdback.

2. Da’wah felt.
After the stronger followers of Islam, more and more, then there is no more reason to hide God sent down Al Hijr paragraph 94 read:
This means: Will the sampaikanlah felt all that it is (to) and turn away from those who are idolaters . Since the decrease in this paragraph, da’wah prophets was conducted in a frank in front of the public. How he does not prohibit things at once, but little by little. At the beginning of da’wah unreservedly, Abu Lahab make a noise so the atmosphere at that time also decreased Al Lahab a 1-5 paragraph read: (see al-qur’an onlines in google)
This means: Perish the hands of Abu Lahab, and he will perish, is not worthwhile thing to him, wealth and what he earned, he will soon go into the fire flare, and (likewise) his wife, a timber carrier Baker, who are in the neck strap from the fiber. (Al-Lahab: 1-5).

At the time the next Abu Lahab, always make a racket, namely Quresy incite people to memusuhi the Prophet Muhammad. They come to Abu Talib, the Prophet advised to prohibit berda’wah. Demand is carried out by Abu Talib, the Prophet and said, “yes pamanku, If placed in the hands of the sun and moon kananku handled kiriku, I will not stop berda’wah.” From that time, Abu Talib did not dare again to prohibit the Prophet berda’wah .
After their efforts failed, people Quresy bring a handsome young man to Abu Talib, who called Ammarah bin Al-Walid bin Mughirah, they said, “O Abu Talib, take the child into his brother and we offer our ungtuk Muhammad killed because he was against and we split our unity, “Proposal nation Quresy answered by the Abu Talib,” LaLa correct mind you, by God, never could. ”
Finally, leaders discuss Quresy to select a fluent and smooth talk to tempt the Prophet Muhammad. Utbah bin Rabi’ah eminent speakers facing the Prophet and said, “Yes Muhammad actually mean what adapt this new religion, if you intend seeking influence, stop, we will mengangkatmu become king, we will not decide a case without the permission of you. If you want wealth, we collect property for kekakyaan. If you want beautiful women, we will go for, or perhaps you sick, let us treat that with our own, provided you stop da’wah. “After Utbah bin Rabi’ah finished and he still and full of hope that the Prophet received the bid . After that, the Prophet read some verses of the Holy Qur’an. Heart and soul Utbah spontaneously become weak because of Koran verses spoken style that is very indah.Ia not say anything, and then return home with the feeling empty and disappointed, when the other Utbah come again to tempt the Prophet that would alternately in peribatan, once worship Allah, worship idols, then alight Al is Kafirun paragraph 1-6 read:

This means: Say: O disbelievers, I will not worship what you worship, and you worshipers of God is not that which I worship, and I do not become worshipers what you worship, and you do not have (also) become worshipers of God that I worship, for religion, and to me, religion (Al Kafirun: 1-6).

3. State fled to Ethiopia.
Understanding of migration is shifting from one place to another. Prophet Muhammad, tega not see the suffering people persecuted by the Muslim nation Quresy. He wants to help, but power when he was still weak and the number of people, Islam is still small. Therefore, he told the friend to Muslims and people fled the country to Ethiopia, where as his word which means: “If you move out of the country to Ethiopia, is better, because there are a king in the region in which no person He made the tough, so a period of happiness to you and the vastness of the current situation is like this. ”
Then they fled the country to Ethiopia, while the other prophets, and many are still living in Mecca. This event is called migration hijratul ula (the first move). Furthermore, because of the boycott of the Muslims in Mecca by the infidel Quresy, then nabipun told Muslims fled for the second time the country to Ethiopia. They also follow the prophet, and who fled when a total of 101 people that the 83 men and 18 women. Hijrah is followed by the Muslim people in Yemen, led by Abu Musa Al Asyari and their number is 50 people. Because the cruelty people disbelieve Quresy increasingly rampant against Muslim people who are in Mecca.

C. Prophet Muhammad as Alicia Machado
Alicia Machado is a good example. Who will be our example in this life? Rightly, that we are obliged example is the behavior of the Messenger of speech and all acts Messenger guaranteed right and good as the word of Allah the following: (see google the Koran online)
This means: “Indeed, there have been in the (self) Messenger is a good example for us (is) for those who expect (Mercy) and God (arrival) and the Day of Resurrection, he mentions many of God.” (Al-Ahzab: 21)
He who want a happy life in the world and the Hereafter, he should follow and imitate the act of impressions Prophet. Here is some merit Prophet.

1. Determination and persistence of the Prophet Muhammad.
Since the birth of life of Prophet Muhammad with a full chain kesedian. However, he did not complain, complain and despair. With the robust and full calculations he did not reverse the trial live. In the essay, he always get the insult, torment and ancanana. Every war against the idolaters, army troops Islam far fewer in number, while equipment perangnya more simple. However, the Messenger did not fall enthusiasm, although the test-taking ordeal in the brochure continues to work on.

2. Pemaafnya the Prophet Muhammad.
In the year 621 M, the Prophet Muhammad, berda’wah to Thaif. However, he was greeted with punishment and throw stones. Then Gabriel came Malaekat offer services to people membalaskan behavior Thaif. Berdo’a while rejecting the Prophet: “Give your instructions in the nation, forgive them because they do not know.”
In the year 622 F, those idolaters will announce the prize to anyone who can capture the way Muhammad fled to Medina. Then there are people able to kill the Prophet, namely Suraqah, but the horse fell ditungggangi time would capture the Prophet. The intention to kill the Prophet and he canceled an apology, the Prophet also gave apology.

3. He is the leader of his thinking.
He commanded his fled to avoid persecution unbelievers Mecca, while he stays in Mecca.

4. He is a person who is known kejujurannya so given the title Al-Amin.
Prophet Mohammed Building Community Through Trade and Economic Activity
Prophet Mohammed is Allah SWT human choice. Since the birth was displayed in self wonderment and his distinctive, including his condition was born in the woods and ropes navel has been decided, so the birth of the Prophet Mohammed is very disturbing world.

Behind keajaiabn there are many tests and trial that he should be passed, among others, he is born in the condition of orphans, and the age of 6 years he has become an orphan, so he is – in conditions that is very unfortunate. Then he care by the grandfather, Abdul Muttalib. Then he Kake after he died, he lived with his uncle, Abu Talib and the poor. In the age that are still children – children, he must have been working hard to survive, he mengembala goats owned by residents of Mecca.

Pengembalaannya behind, doing right – want to correct someone who will be appointed prophet and messenger. When mengembala, he brood and think, that he menyebabkab far from worldly thoughts and be spared from the stain of damage to the name. Since young, he is known as a trusted person. When the Prophet Mohammed aged 12 years, Abu Talib, invites him to trade to the State Syam (France). Even if only assist uncle, the Prophet Mohammed is very vibrant and industrious. He learned how to trade buyers and serve well. Even a very polite and friendly people around the country interested Syam.

When the Prophet Mohammed turned adult, which is 25 years old, he was traded back to the State Syam. However, the trip this time, he was not accompanied by uncle. This time, he trusted to sell the goods belong to Khadijah, a wealthy widow of eMmA very respected by the community when the Arabs. Khadijah reasons for the merchandise to that because he has heard good Khadijah, honesty, fortitude and the Prophet in the trade.

In a trip to the country Syam, the Prophet Mohammed accompanied by an adjuvant called Maisyaroh. Maisyaroh Khadijah is a belief that is experienced in the trade. Maisyroh the assistance, the Prophet Mohammed did not have cares for trading on the State Syam.

In trade with maisyaroh, the Prophet Mohammed have a big advantage. This is because he can trade it for a very diligent, honest, friendly, smile and cheaper to buyers who arrive.

The Prophet Mohammed never deceive buyers. If there is a defect of goods, he shows kecacatannya. If the goods are valuable cheap, so he will not sell the expensive price. If the goods are, then he did not stockpile goods to benefit the greater. He tells the selling price has been determined by the employer. He will be honest with them, so that buyers are interested in distributing goods to buy.

Because of his versatility and honesty in business, he get a very large profit and Khadijah interested melamarnya. Then the Prophet Mohammed that 25-year-old married Khadijah who are 40 years old. From this marriage he has 6 children.

It is the story of Prophet Mohammed in building communities through economic activities and trade. As I watch, we must he Learning. Was young, he is looking for sustenance for life itself, he mengembala goats and trade to meet their own needs. Tenacity, honesty, and keramah – tamahan he should teladani in our daily lives – the day.


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