Haji Adam Malik to Know

h-adam-mlkHe is an astute man with a small body size that dijuluki”a clever individual. “He was born in Pematang Siantar, North Sumatra, July 22, 1917 from the pair Haji Abdul Malik, coal and Salamah Lubis. Since he has gotten a small watch cowboy movies, reading , And photography. After graduating HIS (primary school), he helped father trading. In during the trading, he read many different books that enrich the knowledge and vision.
In the past read, he has been actively involved in the movement of national liberation struggle of Indonesia. His desire to move forward and serve the nation to encourage him to go to Jakarta wanderers. One of his business in Indonesia is defend the independence of established news agency ANTARA in the year 1937.
In the Japanese colonial era, he was also active useful in the youth to defend their independence movement. By August 17, 1945, with Sukarni, Chaerul Saleh, and Wikana, he never brought Bung Karno and Bung Hatta to Newtownards to proclaim the independence of
Kemahirannya incorporate diplomacy and mass media escort him out various experiences as Ambassador of the Minister, Chairman of the House to become the Vice President. At the end of 1950, he was as Indonesian Ambassador to the Soviet Union and Poland. He is the head of the Delegation of the Republic of Indonesia in the Indonesia-Netherlands treaty, relegation for West Irian in 1962. At the time served as Minister of Foreign Affairs in the period 1966 – 1978, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, he also pioneered the formation of ASEAN in Bangkok, Thailand in 1967. He also received credentials as the Chairman of the Council of the General Assembly United Nations to-26 years in 1971-1972 in New York, the United States.
Mr. Adam Malik, the Star award Almighty Son, and Stars & J Pradana RI, died in Bandung on 5 September 1984.







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