Suharto figure in track history of Indonesia

soehartoMajor General H.M. Suharto died at 13:10 at the Pertamina Hospital Center (RSPP), Jakarta. Not long after his death, the government announced the invocation flag to half mast all offices / government agencies, representatives of the Republic of Indonesia abroad, private offices and the public for seven days in succession. Even President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) present and act as a surveyor funeral procession ceremony at the Suharto family cemetery Astana Giribangun, Karanganyar, Central Java. Not to okestrasi mass media print and electronic displays that strive Suharto’s image as statesman and patriot for the state and nation.

Indeed, this is not a wise step. By considering the controversy surrounding the resignation of Suharto, should we learn from the government of Chile under Michelle Bachelet (the former opposition and the president of Chile) after the death of General Augusto Pinochet, who at least has a history almost like Suharto. After a brief cabinet meeting, as presented by the strident tone spokesman president, the government of Chile announced that no state funeral by the government, but still get the Pinochet military honor. President also announced the flag half-mast only at military installations, installation, but not to announce a national period to mourn. Unfortunately, we are not Chile, and SBY is a Javanese who have manners and obedience typical Javanese people who can not be compared with Michelle Bachelet with the Hispanic cultural background of the cosmopolitan. This happens when we can leave the picture may be misleading in the future.

A foreign travelers who diligently record and on-time such as this are in Indonesia, perhaps the writing in the daily notes on a nation mourn the middle of a journey that has been formed and the journey of life they lead. Maybe he will portray how the millions of Poker-junior in the country mourn the figure that has prosperity in the three decades of Suharto. Perhaps he will also describe the people who fainted due to heat during Suharto’s funeral parade welcome in Central Java. And while he may be the most Ode given to Suharto and follows with songs such as Autumn flowers appear repeatedly in the display glass. Or, if he was diligent enough to read newspaper reports about the wave of brass-heavy in the layatan them in the residence of Suharto.

The view from the top of the ship such as this clearly does not want us. We hope is future generations of Indonesia has a poignancy in the history of evaluate at this time we experienced. This paper provides a space referred to the interpretation of other historical amnesia is now an organization in our country. Although preceded by the extent to which sensibilitas’ other ‘on Suharto to appear in our lives now, but more bids on the challenge if we can all make a new history for our community. Wafatnya Suharto menggenapi end of an era during which several decades have left the tracks in the social, political, economic and cultural society we now this.


Behind the pomp and carpet rebound magical verses of the holy and the death of Suharto, there is a sound different. A sound that represents a collective memories about the three decades that have been through power under Suharto and the kroninya. From the generation that grew large in the internal war in the most western tip of Indonesia, Suharto has been figure relates to the color red human blood. Memories are memories of the Suharto on murder and human devastation. Sosoknya also described as private and underhanded smug.

Fortunately the Suharto family has a cemetery in Central Java. Can we imagine what happens when the Suharto family entomb their father in the Pidie region, this may be a statesman who love the national integrity of Indonesia, which has become a center of resistance Free Aceh Movement. So it is not one of Suharto’s family chose Central Java, used as a center of civilization of Java, as the burial place of the family. They seemed to understand most of the habits of people who will be Java, ‘yo wis, I died, my people still continue diomongin’.

In the metropolitan Manila area that is also the capital of Indonesia’s national movement of capital-capital money where national and international fast-moving gerundelan hatred led to the resignation of Suharto and his family circle, which is considered as a unique kleptokratik number in the country. Suharto has been using the interests of other countries that are not from the interests of the family. And from the personal side, despicable and cutthroat nature seems so inherent. He is considered eligible for the Presidency with the madness of Nero burning Rome. A pink trail that never specialties-off with the words The Smilling-General is a falsity. RELATIVES images that give a picture of even the power of instinct to kill without remorse ever. Frightening indeed!

Employees also regrets that he never had great power, but not for the good-use goods is certainly good draft is different conception of the supporters. In summary, there is no side that is not feasible to be against Suharto’s resignation from all angles this.

What we sulk

Hate can also sharp with anger. The generation that grew most in the decade of the 1980s and 1990s seem feasible for the sulky loop that authorities give them the ‘prosperity’ in the economic era. It simply anger. He was in the shape of remorse on the ‘historical amnesia’ that the generation of chronic disease. And this is not the wrong attitude. Books and teaching history in Indonesia, museums and movie becomes gate that understand the past, has become a tool effective in tricking the young generation the bulk of Indonesia. Generation such as this should feel resentful when they know that what they had previously believed and believe others do not lie to a major.

In the minds of those who are pregnant and know more about a little history of this country, the furor caused by the birth of hope about a disappearance of the community as promised in the majestic words of Indonesia’s constitution, fair and prosperous society. People, institutions and international donors like the World Bank and IMF should only say there is economic progress during the three decades under the leadership of Suharto. They say the decade of 1980s and early 1990s, Indonesia is a large tiger that grows in Southeast Asia. Better than Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, for example.

But the word ‘better’ is indeed lose meaning if the gap is created. When we see images of the area air-Golden Triangle Sudirman a symbol of Indonesia’s economic growth, we can still see the dots settlement slums where they live, which carry ngais crumb-economic progress of Indonesia. In most areas east of Indonesia, West Papua, local people become spectators of the smoke machine that changed their land into gold, copper and coal. While at the same level ratang average life expectancy they are still lagging behind most of the people of Indonesia. On the outskirts of Jakarta, probably not more than one hundred kilometers from the city center, children, youths Indonesia thrust in the school when the rain leaking ceiling, and will be ready on holiday when the flood came shipment. So we can sulk over a decade of greed and the history of the Suharto regime replaces hope for the welfare of every citizen of Indonesia.

Making History

Then steps such as what might be done post-Suharto. Demand justice to the individual self Suharto is clearly not possible. Remaining now is the kroni the shelter behind our justice semrawutnya order.

If we hope the Council and the political elite in this country, description is quite difficult. Events recently elite show dizziness government authorities and we close the books of the past and open the curtains history of the future. Policy hastily give all honor to Suharto’s request with the flags half-mast is evidence of the inability of state officials to respond to a transition period of post-Suharto.

Unfortunately, also, parade, theater Indonesian political elite that give a picture crowded with leaders who do not have strong confidence to start something new. There is no expectation that they have the commitment and knowledge that can construct a new history for this country.

Thus, the strength pounder seems best situated in a generation aware of the history of victimization that has occurred, and feel angry over the victimization. Is the source of their ire enerji large opening in a new era and the tasks we all prepare for them. They are being history, their recent history of free and they will make history. Greeting


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