Renungan sholat!!!.
• Islam adherents lead happy lives in the world and the Hereafter enter heaven with a guide to the Koran and Hadith.
• Bahagia is: A feeling that is not based on the material that resulted in no more sense: was-was, fear, anxiety, stress, life and death because this is only because God alone
• Heaven is: Everything was the most fun in this world, there is no seujung kukunya joy in heaven.
• While the Fire is all the most painful things in this world, there is no seujung kukunya pain in hell
• Be apalah means joy in this world that will lead to self digiring to the Fire

• Life in this world is a competition to determine where our future in the Hereafter ie Paradise or Hell. This highly depends on the preparation of what to do to reach the place where we want them later in the Hereafter.
• One of the main worship is prayer, where prayer istimewanya so, until-until Gabriel was not trusted by God to deliver the prayers to the Prophet.
• God told directly to the Prophet to come in the form of direct Mi’raj that prayers are heard by the Prophet.
• He sakratul mautnya time, leave a message for people: Shalat ward, ward prayer, ward prayer …
• sabda Prophet,: later in the Hereafter is the person who performed shalat brought before Allah, and then performed shalat received and folded-fold-like folded cloth lipatnya outdated and dirty that performed shalat ago dibantingkan to face.
• sabda Prophet,: For those who fancy performed shalat in, he will not get anything other than the notion that-angannya.
• sabda Prophet,: The similitude of prayer is like a bath person. When someone a bath 5 times a day, but the body is also not clean, because water can be used for the bath was dirty, or at the time he does not use a bath soap. So if there are people who do pray 5 times a day, but still perilakunya just bad, it means that people will not understand the true meaning of prayer.
Shalat marrow. 4
At the bottom of prayer is the activity “as follows:
1. Laud and praise God, Allahu Akbar, God is holy and Most Glorious, Most High God, Most Merciful and Pengasih
2. Make a promise / commitment to God: The shalatku, ibadahku, life and death, only because God alone and will not menserikatkan God.
3. Appealed to God: Request: the straight path, forgive, be, cukupi shortages, tinggikan derajad, sustenance, guidance, health
4. He Mendoa’kan: Peace
5 facts …
The fact that we have in the environment are:
• How can we pray so that khusuk, so come out the various rules that are dominated by words and do not have to, for example: do not take in mind that prayer should be fixed to the face and other sajadah.
• Shalat done only as a fulfillment of the obligation so often done it, but when berdo’a long enough.
• While reading the mouth of the prayer, but the heart knows where melanglang Buana, know-know prayer is complete. This is not the person mabok, do not understand what is diucapkannya. This is said in the QS: Al ma’un 107 :004-005: Then woe to those who pray (ie) those who performed shalat of neglect


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