Akhlakul Kariimah (noble character)!!!

akhlakDecorate themselves with the morals of good elements, including piety, and piety is not perfect, except that someone with good morals.
Allah Ta’ala said: “… (the Paradise) are provided for those who fear Allah, (is) the people who spend their wealth in good time in the field and narrow, and those who condone (mistakes) of others. And Allah loves those who do good. “(Ali Imron: 133-134)
In this noble verse that Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala that interact with people with good morals, including pillars piety.

What virtue is a good character?
Among keutamaannya is:
First: Morals including signs of good faith someone perfection, as sabda shalallahu Rasulullah ‘alaihi wa Sallam: “People believe the most perfect faith are the most well akhlaknya.” (Dishahihkan by Sheikh Al-Albani in Shohihul Jami’, no. 1241)

Second: With the good character, a servant will be able to achieve the degree of the people close to Allah Ta’ala, as an explanation shalallahu Rasulullah ‘alaihi wa Sallam in his word: “Indeed, a believer with akhlaknya can achieve a good degree of the fasting and qiyamul lail. “(Dishahihkan by Sheikh Al-Albani in Shahihul Jami ‘, no. 1937)
Third: Morals can either add the weight of good deed a slave on the Day of Resurrection, as he sabda shalallahu ‘alaihi wa Sallam: “There is no something more serious when placed in the charity match (at the end of the day) in addition to good morals.” (Shahihul Jami ‘, no. 5602)
Fourth: Morals are a good reason that most people enter into heaven. This is as disabdakan when he asked about what the man can enter into heaven. He said: “fear God and to good morals.” (Riyadhus Shalihin)

What is it good morals?
Imam Hasan Al-Bashri said: “Morals are good are: respect, assist and help.” Fortunate Ibnul said: “Morals are good:” a certain kind of face bright, perform and keep the ugliness ma’ruf (interference). “Imam Ahmad bin Hambal said: “Morals are not a good-tempered and jealous.”
Al-Imam Muhammad bin Nasr said: “Some scholars said: Morals are a good angry because God, who appeared bright shining face except to ahlul bid’ah and those of many a sin, forgive those who wrong except for the purpose of giving lessons, conduct penalty (syari’at according to Islam) and protect the Muslims and the unbelievers who are bound with the promise of Islam, except for the kemungkaran, prevent kedzaliman against the weak without exceeding the limit. “(Iqadhul Himam, pp. 279)

How to improve the morals of a slave?
Morals can be a slave when either the path (sunnahnya) shalallahu Muhammad ‘alaihi wa Sallam, for He is the best akhlaknya. Allah Ta’ala said: “And verily, you (O Muhammad) are really the true noble character.” (Al-QALAM: 4). Allah Ta’ala also assert: “Indeed there has been on the Prophet himself is a good example both for you, (that is) for those who pray (mercy) and God (arrival) Day of Resurrection, and he mentions God a lot.” (Al – Ahzab: 21)
But as has been for every Muslim to learn the history of his life from each side of the life of his (completely), that is, how he refined before Rabbnya, kelurganya, and friend to those non-Muslims.
One way to learn all that is often sitting (interact) with the righteous. For someone that will be affected with a friend duduknya. The Prophet said: “A person’s religious views are close friends. Because of this close friend who see. “(HR Tirmidzi)
And also obligation for every Muslim to keep away people who ugly akhlaknya. Hopefully with the way we include the servants of God who decorate ourselves with good morals.
Wallahu waliyyut taufiq.
Written in Tarbiyah


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