Assessing the letter the Messenger

If Islam recognizes there salvation in other religions, Islam would not be taking another religion to Islam

“Come in Islam, then you will be saved.” (Aslim Taslam) … “But if you refuse you will get a double sin.” Such sentences in the Prophet’s letter sent to Heraclitus, the Eastern Roman Emperor. To the Persian Emperor Ebrewez letter reads the same as the Prophet added “… if you reject it for all of your sins Majusyi”.

Najasyi different to the Emperor again. Letter of the Prophet reads: “I invite you to the one God who has no partner for Him … and believe  what I bring”

The ruler of Egypt also Muqauqis thus: “Come in Islam you will be saved … that God gives the reward twice. If you refuse you will bear the sins of the nation Qibti “.

The Prophet’s letter was an offer, preaching, or a call to salvation. Not religious market. Nor is the militaristic intimidation. Messenger was not accompanied by armed forces. Unlike the words “You are with us or against us,” then tebar liberalization funds. The letter was polite but firm. The Prophet was carrying a message of improving the previous treatises.

“Come in Islam you will be safe,” meaning not clear that Islam will not survive. There is no salvation outside of Islam. That is the mission of the Prophet. That is Islam as al-din al-kamil. Islam is a din, not a religious or cultural religion. Din is a system of belief, worship and the principle of life-afterlife is down by revelation of God. So the din is the way of truth and salvation. If a person entered in the system or the din of this belief he will surrender himself. That berislam.

Islamic surrender to God clearly called God. God as in the concept of the prophets and the Prophet Muhammad. Therefore God is not Yahweh, not God the Father, not Nirguna Brahman, not the Tao Te Ching, not En Soph, nor Dharmakaya. He does not do the same with the gods eksoterik limited in the concept of “transedentalisme”. Berislam means surrender to God the prophet Abraham, Moses, and Jesus and the prophets others. God’s prophets believed was God’s Prophet Muhammad.

If God’s prophets religion is true why religions that have come earlier religion of the Prophet Muhammad? Al-Quran surah 65 Ma’idah replied: “If the people People of the Book faithful and devoted (to God) will we erase their sins and will we enter heaven.” Means People of the Book is considered not believe in God Almighty.

According to the commentators al-Baydhawi, People of the Book, is referred to before the arrival of Islam. By default any reference to the Torah and the Gospel (al-Maidah 67), which essentially is monotheism. But even then they do not.

After Islam came, the concept of submission and faith in God was perfected. The concept of faith in God refers to the Qur’an. Rukunnya plus faith in the apostles him and the books they brought, at the end of the day, qada-qadar, and the consequences resulting konsekuansi. In al-Ma’idah, 69 and 62 al-Baqarah, it is clear that the previous religious salvation is faith in God, the end of the day, and do pious. Salvation came after the Islamic faith in harmony-rukunnya.

Are not these religions brought by the prophets and the come down from God too? True, but the interpretation of experts concluded that for the period after the arrival of Islam, religions that canceled (mansukh). This means that Christians, Jews, Sabians, and so on, have now perfected Islam. When interpreting al-Baqarah Ali Imran 62 and 69, al-Tabari sure that the letter had been dimansukh by surah Ali Imran verse 75 “If any religion other than Islam is not acceptable ….”

This opinion refers to Ibn Abbas and confirmed by al-Qasimi, Wahbah Zuhayli, and other mufassir-mufassir. (See Wisdom Ibn Bashir ibn Yasin, al-Tafsir al-Sahih, Mawsuat al-Sahih al-al-Masbur min al-Tafsir al-Ma’thur bi, 2 vols, vol 1, Dar al-Ma’athir, Medina, 1999, 169).

According to Ibn Taymiyya al-Baqarah sound 62: “believe in Allah and the Last Day” could not be understood literally, but should be interpreted. The concept of faith related to the concept of charity and science. The consequence of accepting the concept that the most important thing is to Islam. For those who lived before Islam, the consequences can obey the teachings of running their prophets. After Islam consequence is obedient to the teachings of Islam brought. Logically, if God is also God’s religions, why the word of the Prophet Muhammad brought them not ignored.

Is Islam is the religion of exclusivity? Yes! Ssebab besides not the Islamic way is considered safe. Wrong! because in Islam, the children of any religious parents, if die before baligh will go to heaven aka survived. Logically, if the salvation of Islam recognizes no other religion, Islam would not be taking another religion to Islam. (al-Nahl 126). Nabi also will not send you a letter asks King of the Roman Heraclitus, Ebrewez Persian king, King of Ethiopia to Islam.

But consider other religions do not survive is not the main cause of people killing each other. History proves, killing the prophets made by those who do not like religion. Now no more prophets and the bearer of the truth of salvation to be killed. Who was killed was the truth and the way of salvation and even “god” itself.
Source Dr.Hamid Fahmy Zarkasyi * []


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