WORKSHOP SEMINAR IN MUI Islamic Propagation Center

“Da’wah Upgrade For Being Commitment The Da’i Indonesia”
In the past 700 years more or less led by the Islamic world, Islam is now a prisoner / crumpled / retarded. The solution we preach not beruswah / ittiba with Rasululloh (kulluha Apostle Hayatur da’wa) Rasululloh life entirely Da’wah, including 26 times of war Rasululloh lead perang.Dakwah we are doing now is we Parsial.Seharusnya Da’wah Da’wah Rasululloh back.
Da’wah is a broad-dimensional activity brought by the trustee Gujarat.Dakwah still only about the Muslims only. Da’wah is not sporadic activity, but should be directed. Akhlaq Da’wah activists need trimming. Shift in values in society very quickly, in the Era of Globalization today is the crisis Akhlaq.
In preaching we must have the concept, including:
1. Himayatul Ummah (community care)
2. Taqwiyatul Ummah (community empowerment)
3. Tauhidul Ummah (community together)
Keeping the people of Tawheed must strengthen the faithful. Cult not a difference, but the deviation “Differences of opinion may be tolerated, but deviations can be amputated ‘No violation of human rights / religious staining / the law. Now there is movement misdirection / proselytizing the movement away from the clerical people, influencing the way people are not religious people (Gazwul fikr) thinks that secular jahiliyahisasi / Globalization. There is a distortion of interpretation of radicalization. Terror is not Jihad, President Bush wanted to remove Amerka Jihad Babul in the book / yellow book. Now there’s something there should be tekstualis (understanding the flow that they are most true, their own heaven is not entitled). they are a lot of liberal groups penafsiranBanyak al-qur’an verses they said are irrelevant and should be amended.
Memeperbaiki morals cuntuh people Pornography Act 8 years in the struggle now in sunati and no movement can we dihapuskan.Tidak fanatical groups / ego group.
For the Imamate in Indonesia / Islamic world to syahsiyah no existing institutional as MUI.
The seminar was held at the Central MUI Date 9 Muharram 1431H / December 26, 2009 AD Number of Participants who attended more than 100 Da’i / Da’iyah (40 person delegation from AGPAII DKI). Out put of this meeting is: Silaturrahmi, identification of Da’wah Vision;
The formation of this Semiloka jaringan.Program well, as a forum together, to discuss the issues currently preaching.
-The first gives materials which Mr. Minister of Religious Affairs was represented by Mr. Director General of Islamic Guidance Dr.Nazarudin Mr. Umar, MA as for it is the speech of the Minister and at the same time opening
-Materials to-2 by the Chairman of the MUI Mr. KH Ma’ruf Amin But as it is the MUI Fatwa and Decision,
-Materials to-3 by Menkoinfo by Sembiring as for its content Bp.Ir.H.Tifatul ttg About a 300 trillion ICT and ITE surveillance RPP no: 11 of 2008 Article 34 paragraph 1 ttg surveillance procedures – May 2008 Direct tapping Forming Team (CCA , police, prosecutors, BIN).
The priority of the MUI Da’wah Commission in 2010, namely:
1.Lokakarya preachers in Indonesia
How to design, inputs, out whatever putnya
Da’wah 2.Menggalakkan Multimedia
(same as above) and any media, concepts such as what
Community Post Disaster 3.Pengembangan (Indonesia disaster area, mapping of the circumstances and after bencana.Apa we need to do as a missionary program. For the earthquake in Padang, according to the news there have been 300 Muslims dimurtadkan
Guidelines 4.Penyusunan Da’wah
a.Untuk who – internal-external
b.Dakwah and disaster – moral decadence
c.Dakwah and Terrorism – Da’wah and Unemployment
d.Dakwah and Modernization, etc.
Leadership & Management 5.Pelatihan Da’wah
a.Kapan? The goal?
Main b.Materi
6.Kerjasama with Muslim Pancasila Charitable Foundation
Transmigration Da’i a.Pembinaan
Capacity b.Peningkatan Da’i / Da’iyat
Network Functions and c.Pemberdayaan Mosque
Kader Da’wah d.Pelatihan Remote Region
e.Pembinaan & Training – Other training agreed
Based on requests from the Commission Mr. KH MUI Da’wah Kholil Ridwan AGPAII us from 5 people (Ust A. Syauqi, Ust Mass Mahfud, Ust Ade, Ust Andayani, Ustaz Abd Rahman) was asked to form the Autonomous Agency in Jakarta BKDK.Dan Da’wah is to Bp Ir . AGPAII H. Tifatul Sembiring asked Silaturrahmi Jawa at once brought to his office Proposal activities.


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