Banning Books, Authoritarian Government Feature

Book ‘Octopus Dismantling Cikeas: Behind the Century Bank scandal’ written by George Aditjondro since the last two days hard to find. Not clear why the book could not be found in bookstores. In the event of withdrawal of the book, then this is considered as a bad precedent.
“Hopefully this will not happen, the government made the withdrawal of books. If this happens obviously a bad precedent,” said political observer Yudi Latif when found in Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta, Sunday (27/12/2009) night.
According to Yudi, if it is true the book ‘Dismantling Cikeas Octopus’ withdrawn, it is regarded as a setback of reform has been running from 10 years. Withdrawal of the book, said Yudi, is the style of an authoritarian government.
“Censorship of the book really is the antithesis of democracy. Withdrawal of the book features authoritarian government,” explained the man with glasses.
Yudi added, the withdrawal of books by the government is an indicator that can distinguish clearly a democratic government with authoritarian rule. Yudhi further explained, if there are objections to the facts presented in the book, then the government does not need to make a withdrawal of the book.
“If there are facts that are considered wrong, the game is not the withdrawal of the book. Kan can pass legal mechanisms. If there is one data writer you could have the author must account for incorrect data or with an apology,” Yudhi added.
Withdrawal of the book, light Yudi, it can make assumptions as to justify the fact that it contains. If there are errors in the book data, then Yudi suggested that given the data errors alone and let people judge.
“If the error can be shown, it actually makes the book value declined to be rubbish. But if the book had nothing, certainly not his fault, just withdrawn, it raises a big question,” added Yudi.

Source: Detikcom – Monday, December 28, 2009


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