Angels are supernatural creatures who always worship God. The angel did not  undistinguished rububiyah and uluhiyah. God created the light, and give strength to them perfect for submission and obedience to always carry him.
He said: “… and the Angels in his side, they are not proud to worship Him and not (also) feel tired, they always celebrate the night and day there is no ceasing.” (Surat al-Anbiya ‘: 19 — 20).
Number of Angels very much, no one can count them, except God. In a hadith reported by Bukhari and Muslim narrated from Anas about Isra-Ascension story that God has shows Al-Baitul Ma’mur is in the heavens to the Prophet. Inside there are 70,000 angels perform prayers daily. Who’s out of place, did not return.
Faith in the Angels include four things:
1. Believe in being (existence) of them.
2. They believe that we know namanamanya, like Gabriel, and also believe in global Angels we do not know the names.
3. Believe in their qualities that we recognize, such as the nature of Gabriel, as he had seen the Prophet, he had 600 wings are covered horizon.
4. Angels could be transformed to resemble a man like that ever happened to the Angel Gabriel when God sent him to Mary. Gabriel incarnated be a perfect human being. Similarly, when Gabriel came to the Prophet while he was sitting in tengahtengah his companions. Gabriel came to the form of a man dressed in very white, very black hair, no sign he had just made a long journey, but no one recognized him. Gabriel sat near the Prophet rested his knee into the knee of the Prophet, and placed his palms on his thighs prophets.

He asked the Prophet of Islam, faith, charity, the Day of Resurrection, and tandatandanya, after no longer there, then the Prophet explained to his companions, “it was Gabriel who came to teach you about your religion.” (HR.Muslim)
TASK angel
So it is with the angels, who as always exalt, and beribadahkepada God day and night without feeling tired and bored. Among those who have no tugastugas particular, for example:
1. The angel Gabriel is entrusted to deliver the revelation to the Prophet and Messenger.
2. The angel Michael is entrusted with the task to rain and growing plants.
3. Israfil angel entrusted with the task of blowing the trumpet on the Last Day and the day of resurrection  beings.
4. Angel of Death who entrusted take a life.
5. Malik angel entrusted with the task of maintaining the Fire.
6. The Angels are assigned tasks related to the fetus in the womb, when the fetus aged four months in the womb, God sent the angel to blow the spirit
and ordered to write sustenance, death, charity, suffering and happiness.
7. The Angels are assigned the task of watching and writing all human actions. Every people guarded by two angels, one on the right side and one on the left side.
8. The Angels are assigned the task of questioning the corpse. When the body is inserted into the grave, it will come two angels who asked him about; Lord, religion and the Prophet.

The fruit of faith to the Angel.
1.Mengetahui greatness of God, strength and His power. Because of the greatness of being in essentially shows the greatness of the (Khaliq) Creator.
2.Syukur to God for his attention to the human so the Angel assigned to
maintaining, recording deeds and various other kemaslahatannya.
3.Cinta to the Angels because they do worship to God.
a group of misguided people deny the existence of angels, they say that
The angel is like “power good” pent up in His creation, the group means not believe kitabullah, sunnah Rasul, and scholarly consensus’ (consensus) of Muslims.
He said: “Praise be to Allah, the Creator of heaven and earth, which makes the Angels as messengers (to manage a variety of business) who have wings, each one (there are) two, three and four.” (Surah Fatir: 1).
He said: “If you see when the angels take the souls of those who disbelieve, while hitting the face and back of their (and said),” Taste ye the punishment of burning. “(Surat al-Anfal: 50)
He said: “… it would be dreadful if you look at people who do wrong (to be) in sakaratul pressures death, was the Angels beat with his hands, (saying),” Get out your life … “(Surat al-An ‘am: 93).
He said: “… so when they have been removed fear from their hearts, they say,” what was spoken by Rabbmu? “They replied,” (saying) the right “, and to Him the Most High is great.” (Surah Saba ‘: 23).
Allah says about the people of Paradise:
“… Angels go to their places of all the doors (and say),
“Peace Alaikum shabartum bima (best wishes to you for your patience). “So it is good that the sequel.” (Surat ar-Ra’d: 23-24).
Narrated by Abu Hurairah that the Prophet Muhammad said:
“If Allah loves a servant of his, he tells Gabriel that God loves so and so, and told Gabriel to love, then love Jibrilpun. Gabriel then told the inhabitants of the heavens that Allah loves so and so and tell them to love the inhabitants of heaven love him, then the inhabitants of the earth love him. “(Narrated by Bukhari).
Narrated by Abu Hurairah, the Prophet said:
“On each day Friday on every door of the mosque there is the angel who recorded one by one people who came. When the priest had been (on the pulpit) they closed the book catantanya and went inside to listen zdikir (sermon). ”
Texts of the above it seems clear that the Angels were actually there, not just
maknawi power latent in man as the alleged deviant group.
This belief has been agreed upon by Muslims.


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