“Apostle” means the person who was sent to deliver something. But that meant “messenger” here is a man who was given the revelation syara ‘to be delivered to his people. The first Apostle is Noah, and the last is Muhammad Nabiyullah.
He said: “Verily We have revealed to you as We revealed to Noah and the Prophets the next …” (Surat An-Nisa ‘: 163).
Narrated by Anas bin Malik in hadith of intercession, that the Prophet said,
“Then the people will come to the Prophet Adam to ask for intercession, but the Prophet Adam to apologize to them and said, ‘Go to Noah, the first messenger sent by God .. (Narrated by Bukhari).
Allah says about Prophet Muhammad:
“Muhammad is not the father of a man among you, but he is the Messenger of Allah and the Seal of the Prophets and Allah is Aware of all things.” (Surat al-Ahzab: 40).
God sent to every nation a prophet who brought a special Shari’ah for his people or with a previous shari’ah has updated. Allah says:
“And verily We have sent a messenger to every nation (to call),” Worship Allah (alone), and shun Evil … “(Surat An-Nahl: 36).
Allah says:
“We sent thee in truth as a bearer of glad tidings and a warner. And no one was there umatpun him but a warner. “(Surah Fatir: 24)
Allah says:
“Verily We have sent down the Torah in it (a) guidance and light (the light), which decided the case book of the Jews …” (Surat al Maidah: 44).
The Apostles were ordinary human beings, creatures of God who do not have the slightest keistimewan rububiyah and uluhiyah. Allah says about Prophet Muhammad as leader of the Apostles and the highest rank in the sight of Allah: “Say,” I do not charge interest for my benefit and not (also) rejected kemudharatan except the will of God. And if I know the unseen, I’d certainly make virtue as much as possible and I will not be overwritten kemudharatan. I’m nothing but a warner and a bearer of good tidings for those who believe. “(Surat al-raf: 188).
Allah says:
“Say,” I am not the power to bring something to kemudharatanpun and not (also) something expediency. Say, “real-time so no one can protect me from (the punishment) of God and once again no gain refuge from Him.” (Surat Al-Jinn: 21-22).
The Apostles also have human characteristics, such as illness, death, need to eat and drink and so forth. Allah says about Prophet Ibrahim `peace be upon him who his Lord menjelasakan nature:” And Rabbku, that He gave me food and drink, and when I was sick, He Who heals me, and who will kill me, then will turn on me (again) … “( QS. Syuara Ash ‘: 79-81).
Prophet muhammad said: “I am nothing but a man like you. I also forgot to like you. Therefore, if I forget, remind me. “God explained that the Apostles had ubudiyah (servitude) of the highest to him. To praise them, Allah says about Noah: “… He is the servant (of God) is most grateful.” (Surat al-Isra ‘: 3).
Allah also says about the Prophet Muhammad: “Most holy God who sent down Al-Furqan (The Qur’an) to His servant, that he became a warner to the whole of nature.” (Surat al-Furqan: 1).
Allah also says about the Prophet Abraham, Prophet Isaac, and Jacob the Prophet:
“And remember Our servants, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who has a large and perbuatanperbuatan sciences high. Verily We have cleaned them with (granted to them) a high morality that is always remind (men) in the Hereafter. And they really the best option. “(Surah Sad: 45-47).
Allah also says about Prophet Isa binMaryam:
“Jesus is nothing but a servant whom We gave him ni’mat (Prophethood) and We made her as the evidence (of power) for the Children of Israel.” (Surah Az Zukhruf: 59).
Faith to the Apostles includes four things:
Messages 1.Mengimani that they are truly from God. Whoever denies their treatise, although only one, so then he has been denying it all the Apostles treatise.
Allah says:
“The Noah rejected the apostles.” (Surat ash Shu’ara: 105).
God declared that they rejected all the Apostles, but only a messenger that they deny it. Therefore, people who reject Christianity and refused to follow the Prophet Muhammad, then they also have rejected it and did not follow the Prophet ‘Isa al-Masih ibn Maryam, because the Prophet Jesus himself had manyampaikan glad tidings of the coming of Prophet Muhammad as a mercy for all creatures. The word “give good news” this implies that Muhammad is a messenger to them, too, where God saved them from error and guide their members to a straight path through the Prophet.
2.Mengimani the people we already familiar names, such as Muhammad, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Noah. Apostle Prophet’s fifth known as “Ulul azmi”. God has called them in two places of the Qur’an, namely, in surah Al Ahzab and Ash-shura letter: God says:
“And (remember) when We took the covenant from the Prophets, and from thee (alone), from Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus son of Mary …” (Surat AlAhzab: 7).
Allah says:
“He has mensyari’atkan to you about religion that has diwasiatkan unto Noah, and also what We have revealed to you and what have we wasiatkan to Abraham, Moses and Jesus, namely: Establish the religion and do not be broken to split about … “(Surat ash-Shura: 13).
Of the Apostles namanamanya unknown, we are also obliged to believe them globally.
Allah says: “And verily We sent some messenger before you, among those whom We have told thee, and between them there are (also) who do not we tell you …” (Surat al-Mu’min: 78).
3.Membenarkan what they preached.
Shari’ah 4.Mengamalkan Apostle who is sent to us. He was the last Prophet Muhammad who was sent of God to all mankind.
Allah says:
“So for Rabbmu, they (in fact) did not believe until they make you judge of the case that they can not agree, then they do not feel in their hearts things objected to the decision that you given, and they receive the full.” (Surah An-Nisa ‘: 65).
The fruit of faith to the Apostles.
1. Knowing God’s grace and attention to his servants, so that sent the Apostles to show them the way of Allah, and explains how they should worship God, because human reason can not know it by itself.
2. Grateful ni’mat great God is.
3. Loving the Apostles, glorifying and praising them, because they are the Apostles of God and because they only worship God, His message delivered, and advised his servant.
Those who deviate from the truth, reject the Messengers of assuming that the Messenger of Allah is not human. This erroneous presumption rebutted in a God of His Word: “And there is nothing that prevents people to believe when the guidance came to them, except what they are saying,” Is there a God sent a man into messenger? Say, “if the earth was inhabited by the angels who walk on the surface with a quiet, We shall send down from the heavens an angel for a messenger.” (Surat al-Isra: 94-95).
In the above verse Allah break their false assumptions. The Apostle of Allah must be from among men, because he would be sent to the inhabitants of the earth is also human. If the inhabitants of the earth’s angels, Allah will reduce the Angel from the sky as a messenger.
In the letter of Abraham, God tells the story of the people who reject the Apostles:
“They (the people who deny the Prophet) said,” you are nothing but mortals like us. you want to menghalanghalangi us from what is always worshiped by our ancestors. Therefore, bring us some clear authority. “Apostles said to them,” We are but mortals like you, but God gives His grace to whom He will among hambahambanya. And inappropriate for us to bring a proof to you, but with the permission of Allah. And only God alone let the believers put their trust. “(Surah Ibrahim 10-11).



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