Show romanization Last Day is the Day of Resurrection, where all people raised on that day brought to account for and returned. The day is the last day, because there are no more days afterwards. On this day the inhabitants of Paradise and Hell each stay in place. End of Faith in the day include three things:

1. Believe ba’ts (resurrection), which is to revive those who had died when the trumpet and the second time. At that time all the men got up to face the Lord of the universe with no bare feet, bare, and not circumcised.
Allah says:
“As we’ve started the first creation, so we’ll repeat it. That’s a promise we must keep. Surely we who shall do it. “(Surat al-Anbiya ‘: 104).
The resurrection is the truth there, reinforced by evidence of its existence the Book, Sunnah and scholarly consensus’ of Muslims.
Allah says:
“Then ye shall die. Then ye be raised (again) on the Day of Resurrection. “(Surat al Mu’minun: 15 – 16).
Prophet Muhammad said:
“On the Day of Resurrection, people will be collected throughout the state are not grounded leg and not circumcised. “(Narrated by Bukari & Muslim). Muslims agree on the day of resurrection, because it is in accordance with the wisdom of God to restore his creation be paid to all who have ordered him through the oral His Apostles.
Allah says:
“Did you suppose that We created you for mainmain (only), and that you will not be returned to Us? “(Surat al Mu’minun: 115).
God said to the Prophet:
“Surely the mewajibkam thee (melaksnakan laws) Qur’an actually
will bring you to the place again … “(Surat al-Qasas: 85).
2. Faithful to the reckoning (calculation) and jaza ‘(revenge), believing that all
human actions will be brought to account and returned. This is presented clearly in the Qur’an, Sunnah and scholarly consensus’ (consensus) of Muslims.
Allah says:
“Verily, to Us is their return, then indeed we are part to their obligations.” (Surat al Ghasyiah: 25-26).
Allah says:
“He who brings the good deeds for him (the reward of) ten times as much charity work, and whoever brings an evil deed he not be rewarded but balanced with a crime, they were not persecuted at all (injured).” (Surat al-An ‘am: 160).
Allah says:
“We will install the appropriate scales on the Day of Resurrection, so no one was hurt a little. And although (the practices) weigh only a mustard seed We must give (to account). We suffices for making calculations. “(Surat al-Anbiya ‘: 47).
Ibn Umar narrated that the Prophet said: which means:
“God will draw up a believer, then put the hijab and close it. God asked, “Do you know your sin is?” “do you know your sin?” He replied, “Yes, Rabbi.” When he had confessed his sins and sees himself had perished, God says, “I’ve covered in your sins the world and now I forgive him. “Then give to the believers the good deeds book. As for the unbelievers and the hypocrites, God called him in front of crowds. They are the people who denied his Lord. You see, the curse of Allah is for people who dzalim. “(Narrated by Bukhari, Muslim).
The Prophet said:
“People who intend to do one good, then remove it, it was written for him ten good, up to seven hundred times, even up to several times more. Anyone who intends to commit a crime, then remove it, then God wrote it a crime. “The Muslims have agreed on the existence of reckoning and retribution charity, because it is in accordance with God’s wisdom. As we know, God has sent down the Books, sent the Apostles and ordained for mankind to accept the teachings brought by the Messenger of Allah and the Messenger to remove it. And Allah made it compulsory in order to fight the unbelievers who opposed him, and justifies the blood, anakanak, wife and their possessions. If there was no reckoning and the replies of course this is only futile, and the Lord who is wise, Glory of the acts in vain.
Allah has explained this in His Word:
“And verily We shall question the peoples who have been sent to the Apostles
They and We shall question (also) Apostles (Us), We will inform them (what they had done). Medium (We) know (their state), and We shall not far (from them). “(Surat al-A` RAAF: 6-7).
3. Believe in heaven and hell as a place of eternal human. Heaven is where God keni’matan provided to the righteous and pious people, who believe nothing should be believed, who obey Allah and His Messenger, and for the people who worship with sincerity and follow the sunna of the Prophet.
In the Gardens there are many pleasures that no eye has seen, no ear has heard, and did not occur to manusia.Allah says:
“Those who believe and work deeds of pious, they are sebaikbaik beings. Their reward with their Lord is heaven ‘Eden which flows beneath sungaisungai. They will dwell therein for ever. God’s pleasure with them, and they told him satisfaction. That is (reward) for those who fear his Lord. “(Surat al BAYYINAH :7-8).
Allah says:
“No one knows what is hidden to them, namely (bermacammacam ni’mat) a pleasant sight in response to what they have done.” (Surah As Sajadah: 17).
Hell is a place of punishment which God has prepared for the unbelievers, who do wrong! and for those who disobey Allah and His Messenger. In the hell there are punishment and torture, that never crossed my mind.
Allah says:
“And guard yourselves against the Fire, which is provided for those who disbelieve.” (Surat al-Imran: 131).
Allah says:
“Verily We have prepared for the unjust orangorang turmoil of hell fire
surround them. If they ask for a drink, then they will be given a drink of water such as iron which can be boiled faces. That is the worst drink and a place to rest the worst. “(Surat al-Kahf: 29).
“Verily Allah has cursed the unbelievers and provide goods for those who menyalanyala fire (hell). They will abide therein selamalamanya. They did not get a pelindungpun and not (also) a helper. On the day when their faces turn dibolak in hell, they say, “It would be nice, if we are obedient to God and obey (also) to the Messenger.” (Surat al-Ahzab: 64-66).
Including Faith is to believe the final day of events that will happen after death, for example:
a. grave slander, that is the question posed to the body when it was buried, the Lord, religion and the Prophet. God will strengthen orangorang who believe the words right. So they answered questions firmly and confidently, saying, “God Rabbku, the Islamic religion, and Muhammad Nabiku”. Instead God will mislead the dzalim and orangorang infidels. They are not able to answer that question. They would say, “I … I do not know.” So the hypocrites will answer that question with a bewildered, “I do not know. Once I’ve heard people say something, then I followed him. ”
b. Punishment and ni’mat grave. Punishment of the grave is for the people dzalim, namely orangorang hypocrites and disbelievers, as in his words:
“… It would be dreadful if you look at people who dzalim (are) in sakaratul pressures death, was the Angels beat with his hands, (saying), ‘take out your life.” On this day you met with a terrible degrading, because you always say about Allah (saying) that is not true and (because) you are always bragging the revelations of his. “(Surat al-An’am: 93).
He said the followers of Pharaoh:
“To hell they will be tested in the morning and evening, and on the day of the Resurrection. (Said to the Angel), “Enter the Pharaoh and his people into a very harsh punishment.” (Surat al-Mu’min: 46).From Zaid ibn Thabit narrated that the Prophet said:
“If not for you bury each other (the dead), would I begged God to let out punishment of the grave to you what I heard.” Then the Prophet turned his face as he said, “Ask the protection of Allah from the torment of hell.” The friend said, “We ask refuge with Allah from the torment of hell.” The Prophet then said, “Ask God’s protection from the torment of the grave.” These
friend said, “We ask refuge with Allah from the torment of the grave.” Then he said, “Ask God’s protection from various slanders good-looking or not looking.” The friend then said, “We ask refuge with Allah from the temptation either both obvious and invisible. “The Prophet said,” Ask God’s protection from slander liars. “The friend said,” We beg refuge in Allah from slander liars. “(HR.Muslim).
The ni’mat grave orangorang reserved for believers who truly worship Him. This has been described God in His word: “actually the people who say,” Our Lord is Allah “, then they stay istiqomah, the angels will descend upon them (saying),” Do not you feel scared and do not feel sad ; and glad to (earn) paradise that God had promised unto you. “(Surat Fushshilat: 30).
Allah says:
“So why when lives up to the throat, but when it saw you, and We are nearer to him than you. But you do not see, so why if you are not controlled (by God)? You do not back the soul, (the place) if ye are truthful?. As if he (the dead), including those brought near (to Allah), then he got peace and sustenance and keni’matan heaven. “(Surat al Waqia: 83-89).
Narrated by Al-Bara ‘bin `Aazib that the Prophet said about the believers who can The angel answered questions in his grave, “cried a voice from heaven,” my servant true. Therefore give him the rug from heaven, give clothing from heaven, and her door open to heaven. “Then came keni’matan and the fragrance of Paradise, and grave as far as the eye can see dilapangkan …” (Narrated by Ahmad & Abu Dawud).
The fruit of faith to the end of the day:
1. Go in obedience for the sake of reward in the day.
2. Hate immoral acts with the fear of being tortured on that day.
3. Entertain a believer if you do not get the reward virtue in the world with hope keni’matan and reward of the Hereafter. Unbelievers deny the existence of resurrection after death, they thought that the end of the day with all the events is an impossible thing. Their expectations clearly very wrong and mistakes that can be proved by syara ‘, senses, and reason.
1). Evidence syara ‘
He said: “Those who disbelieve say that they will not be raised. Say, “Not so, for Rabbku, benarbenar you will be resurrected, then what will be preached unto you that ye did.” That is easy for Allah. “(Surat At Taghabun: 7).
It has also been described by the scriptures of earlier.
2. Evidence of sensory
God has revealed how he turned the people who have died in this world. In surat Al-Baqarah there are five examples of this:
a. When the people of Moses said to Moses that they would not believe the treatise which Moses brought, until they see God with their own eyes. Therefore, Allah says (which applies to the Children of Israel): “And (remember) when you say,” O Moses, we will not believe thee until we see Allah plainly. “Therefore you are struck by lightning, while you watch. Then We raised you after death, that ye may be grateful. “(Surat al-Baqara: 55-56).
b. The story of man who killed who
killers disputed children of Israel. God then commanded them to slaughter cows, and one member is struck into the cow’s body of the murdered man to be able to tell who actually killed him. This was revealed in His Word:
“And (remember) when you kill a man, then you recriminations at each other about it. And Allah was to reveal what you have been hiding. We said, ‘Strike the corpse with a party member that cow! “Thus Allah revive people who have died, and showed to the signs of His power so that you understand. “(Surat al-Baqarah: 72-73).
c. The story of a people who left the country to avoid death. They amounted
thousands of people. God kill them, then turn on again. This is described in His Word: “Have you not noticed the people who came out of their homeland, they were thousands (in number) for fear of death, then God said to them,” Die, then God bring them. Verily Allah has the gift to mankind, but most people are not grateful. “(Surat al-Baqara: 243).
d. The story of people passing through a village that was destroyed. He doubted, how God revive this country after its death, then kill the person of God for hundred years, then God revive. This is told in his words:
“Or whether (you noticed) people passing through a country that (walls) has collapsed over the roof. He said, “How does God revive this country after its death?” Then He turned off for a hundred years, and then turn on again. God asked, “How long have you lived here? He replied, “I stay here a day or half day.” He said, “Actually you have lived here hundred years. Look at the food and drink which have not changed, and look at your donkey (which was becoming the bones). We will make you a sign of power we are for humans. look at the bones donkey, and then we put them back, kemudianKami them with meat. And when it was clear to him (how God turned the dead) And he said, “I believe God infinite power over all things. “(Al-Baqarah: 259).
e. The story of Prophet Ibrahim `peace be upon him when he asked God to show him, how he revived the people who have died. God ordered him to kill four birds and separate the body parts of birds on the mountains around him. So Abraham called the bird, before long, it saw the body parts of birds came together and immediately went back to Prophet Abraham. This tells us God in the Qur’an al-Karim:
“And (remember) when Abraham said,” yes Rabbku, show me how you turn people off. “He said,” Do you not believe? “Ibrahim replied,” I have believed, but that my heart grew calm. ” Allah says (if so) Take four birds, then cincanglah everything to you, then place it on top of each one hill one part of the parts, then call them, they will come to you immediately. “And know that Allah is Mighty, Wise. “(Surat al-Baqara: 260).
This is some evidence that indicates the senses mungkinnya God bring those who have died. Has been described previously that God gives miracles to Isa son of Maryam with orangorang bring the dead and out of the grave with the permission of Allah.
3. Proof of reason (logic) Reasonable evidence can be divided into two parts:
a. God as the creator of everything in the heavens and the earth was first created. God able to create the first time, would be able also to bring him back. Allah says:
“It is He who created (humans) from the beginning, then again (turn) it, and revive it is easier for Him” (Surat ar-rum: 27).
Allah says:
“We have started as the first creation, so we’ll repeat it. That’s a promise we must keep. Surely we who shall do it. “(Surat al-Anbiya ‘: 104).
He said commanded His Messenger to deny people a reason to deny
Allah’s power to revive the corpse that has become the bones:
“Say,” he will be brought by the Lord who created the first time. And He is aware of every creature. “(Surah Yasin: 79).
b. Earth is dry and barren would be green again and the dead plants will move fertile after rain watered. What could turn the Essence of vegetation after death, would be able to bring the people who have died.
Allah says:
“And some of the signs (of power) of his that you see the earth barren dry, then when We send down water on it, surely he moves and fertile. Surely God can turn the turn of the dead. Surely, He hath power over all things. “(Surat Fushshilat: 39).
Allah says:
“And We send down water from the sky many benefits, then we grow with water trees and grain crops diketam, and tall palm trees that have high-decker mayang the stacking to be sustenance for the servants ( We), and we turn the water off the land (dry). Such was the resurrection. “(Surah Qaf: 9-11).
The people who meingkari punishment of the grave and keni’matannya thought it a case of impossible and contrary to reality because if the grave is dug, will not be found as before, do not grow too large and not getting narrower. Their expectations is clearly not true, according syara ‘, senses, and reason.
1 – Evidence syara ‘
Ibn Abbas said, “Messenger never came out of a garden city of medina, then he would heard there were two people who were tortured in his grave. “In the hadith it is mentioned that the one being tortured for urinating in any place so shame seen by passers-by, and the other because mengadudomba.” (Narrated by Bukhari).
2 – Evidence of sensory
People who sleep sometimes dreams that he was in the vast, exciting, and
he’s having fun there. Or sometimes he also dreamed of being in narrow places, scary, and made him suffer. Sometimes a person can be awakened by nightmares, when he was on the bed in his room. Sleep is the brother of death. Therefore, God calls to sleep with “death”, as in his words:
“God holds the soul (person) when death and (hold) the soul (person) who had died in his sleep time, so he held the soul (the person that He has set his death and he released another soul until the time specified …” (Surat Az-Zumar: 42).

3 – Evidence of reason
People who sleep sometimes true dream match reality. It may be that he dreamed of seeing the Prophet in accordance with his nature. Anyone who ever dreamed of seeing him in accordance with nature, then he’s like really see it. And this time he was in his room, in bed, away from the nature of dreaming. If such a situation that may be encountered in the world, then how can not be found in the afterlife? As they argued that if the grave is dug, will be found as before, do not grow too large and not getting narrower and the answer:
1. What brought syara ‘should not be opposed to things that are alleged. If he wanted to think about the information carried by syara ‘he must know his mistake. A poet recalled: How many people who criticize the opinion that
And right attitude arises from a wrong understanding.

2. circumstances in barzakh (the grave), including the unseen things that can not be reached by the senses, if it’s because they can diindera, then there is no means faith in the unseen, and cooperation between people who believe in the supernatural and those who deny it.

3. Punishment of the grave, grave ni’mat, wide and narrow tomb can only be found by the body itself, not the other. It’s like that seen people sleeping in the dream, he could be in where a narrow and scary, or where a large and pleasant, but according to people who look at sleep, the situation has not changed person, he is still in the room between the blankets and mattresses.

When he received the revelation, the Prophet Muhammad was in the midst of his companions. He heard the revelation, but his companions did not hear. Sometimes the revelation was sent down by angels incarnated in the form of a man, then spoke with him, and his companions did not see and hear.

4. Human knowledge is limited to something that is only allowed by God to know. No way man can know all there is. The seven heavens and earth, everything in all the praises, he let out what happened to the person who wants, except humans. In this regard Allah says:
“The seven heavens, the earth and everything in it to glorify God. And no
None but exalt with His praise, but you all do not understand their prayer beads. “(Surat al-Isra ‘: 44).
So it is with Satan and demons who roam the earth. Once there was a genie came to the Prophet heard he was reading al quran, then he returned to his people as an interpreter proselytizing.
In this regard Allah says: “O son of Adam, not that thou wilt be deceived by Satan, as he has The second issue of your fathers mother from heaven. He was removed from both her clothes to show them both private parts. Indeed, he and his followers saw you from a place that you can not see them. We have made the devils leaders for those who do not believe. “(Surat al-raf: 27).

If humans can not know all there is, then they should not deny unseen cases stipulated by syara ‘even if they can not know with their senses.



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