Study Five Pillars of Islam

Islam is founded on five basic, as mentioned in a hadith narrated by Ibn Umar, the Prophet said:
“Islam is founded on five basic; namely: (1) Witnessing that there is no god has the right to be worshiped but Allah, and Muhammad is the servant of Allah and His Messenger, (2) establish the prayer, (3) give to charity, (4) the fast of Ramadan, and (5) the pilgrimage. “(Narrated by Bukhari, Muslim).
1. Testimony no Ilah (God) the right to be worshiped but Allah and Muhammad is His slave and  His messenger is a strong belief, expressed by the tongue. With kekokohannya it, as if to see him. Shahada (testimony) is one pillar, and the witnessed that there are two things, this is because the Apostles and preachers (transmitter) something from God. Thus, the testimony that Muhammad is His slave and messenger of God is the perfection of the testimony: “There is no god (who has the right diibadahi) but Allah”. Or, because the testimony (shahada) is a legitimate basis and receipt of all charities. Charity is not legitimate and will not be accepted if done without sincerity for God and without following His Messenger manhaj. So the creed that “There is no god (who has the right diibadahi) but Allah” must be realized with the sincerity of his worship, and creed “that Muhammad is His servant and messenger of God” manifested by following his guidance in the worship of God. Among the wisdom creed (testimony) which is the biggest heart and the soul freed from the servitude of the creature, and freed from following in addition to His Apostles.
2. Establish the prayer meaning: worship God by doing prayers in a stay istiqomah and perfect, in both time and way. Among the wisdom of prayer is to feel tolerance, equanimity, and distanced themselves from shameful and unjust deeds.
3. Paying zakat meaning: worship God by removing the content (size) of
compulsory from treasures to be dizakati.
Among the wisdom of charity is to clean out the soul and of impeccable moral parsimony, and can meet the need of the Muslims who dhu `afa.
4. Ramadan fasting meaning: worship God in a way to leave things  can cancel the day of Ramadan. One lesson is to train the soul to leave the things that are loved by  seek pleasure of Allah may He be glorified.
5. Pilgrimage to the House (the house of God), meaning: worship God by doing way to the Haram-Temple (shrine) to perform Hajj Manasik.
Among the lesson is: to train people to mobilize all their wealth and life skills in order to remain obedient to God, therefore hajj is one form of jihad fi Sabilillah.
Wisdom pillars of Islam, whether we’ve mentioned or not mentioned here, will can make people as a holy people, clean, true religion, and treat people with fairness and honesty. And the best measure of Islamic Shari’a the other depending on the best five pillars of Islam that is. And the best size depends on the good umatpun religion, and the loss of good umatpun behavior will depend on the level of loss of good faith.
For those who want to know this explanation, please listen to the word of God: “If if people of the townships and pious believers, surely we will delegate to them the blessings of heaven and earth, but they belied (the verses of Us), then We seized them for their deeds they do. So whether it negerinegeri residents feel safe from the coming of Our wrath upon them at night at a time when they’re asleep? Or whether the population of countries that felt
safe from the coming of Our wrath upon them in time Glorious sun rises when they’re playing? So if they feel safe from the punishment of God (theunexpected)?  Nor does feel safe from the punishment of God, except orangorang the losers. “(Surat al-raf: 96-99).
For more details you should learn the history of those who passed, because there is a lesson in history for people who understand and for those whose hearts are “clean” (no veil that covers the heart).


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