Introduction to Islamic worship:

What is Islam? Islam is the will of Allah revealed throughout the ages of human history through prophets of Allah (pbuth), so that mankind may live under Allah’s servitude and mercy, building up their individual life, social and national, living by Allah’s law, and on behalf of Islam learnt Islamic men guiding the nation of Muslims. Mankind was a single race and for 1000 years after Adam (a) mankind lived under Allah’s obedience till in the time of Prophet Nuh (a) appeared the first rebel against Allah and His religion Islam. The first threat and enemy against Islam was not Christianity or Judaism but paganism i.e. idol worship.  Let us be clear about what Allah’s will is as embodied in a religion? It is the belief and the actions which Allah wants us to adopt by our heart and live by it. Beliefs which each man or woman should accept by heart and this is Iman i.e. faith and what relates it of branches, then the actions known as the law from Allah which are divided in to individual and partial. Individual laws are many of which is prayer, fasting zakat etc. Partial laws are laws which are done by a certain number of people so that its obligation falls from all, but if however a certain number of people among Muslims fail to do it by negligence and neither have any will to do it, each Muslims will bear the burden of sin. Such as who will collect the zakat money? Who will be Islamic scholars? Who will be Islamic judges? And so on.  Allah mentions in holy Quran that He hadn’t created us to live in vanities and whims, but we have a purpose, just as each man or woman makes a purpose of their life when they start being educated, but unlike that we are born by a purpose, as spiritual human beings. This purpose is as mentioned in Holy Quran, worship of Allah. What is worship? It is that you pay your allegiance to Allah accepting Him the only one worthy of being served and only one worthy of being the Ruler and Lawmaker, because when you deny this from Allah you are implicitly or explicitly saying that there is another supreme authority besides Allah. Allah’s is the only right and dominion so who is more entitled to His kingdom than the king himself? Allah being the King of the kings rationally deserves to be the only authority in our lives. Allah has revealed His will, and the last of Allah’s will was Holy Quran, revealed on to our leader and the head of Prophets (pbuth), Prophet Muhammad (saas).

We can be sure then fellow Muslims that this existence of humanity is either for Allah or for someone else. The latter is impossible thus the existence is for Allah, and for Him is the dominion. Throughout human histories the fight was between faith and disbelief, good and evil, and this shall go on till the end of days because we as Muslims and human beings have failed to realise that there must be only one ruler of our hearts and our lands, and that must be Allah.

When we fail to realize our unity and fail to realize our God, then know this that we are deeply injured spiritually and ideologically, and this injury must not be left unhealed or else it eats up the rest of our bodies. The cure is a return to our faith and living by it and putting in our hearts all that is good and positive for Islam and Muslims.  When we will realizes our unity then we can work to implement and acquire this unity and when we are united then can we be strong, and when we are strong then we can establish justice on behalf of Allah, to show humanity that Allah, is the true Lord and King of earth.

Allah says ‘And thus We have made you a just nation that you may be the bearers of witness to other nations and (that) the Messenger may be a bearer of witness to you…’.

Can you start by a simple intention of being a sincere Muslim, worshipper of Allah?



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