Azwar Anas glimpse of the national character and minang

He has served eight years Managing Director of PT Semen Padang (1970-1977), which, because it is successful then entrusted to replace Prof. Drs. Harun Zain Sinaro Dt, As Governor of West Sumatra during the two periods (1977-1987). Successfully led the “aspect Minang” with the award-winning Purnakarya Parasamya Nugraha, given directly by President Soeharto at the State Palace on August 22, 1984, Azwar Anas then promoted to Minister of Transportation on Fifth Development Cabinet (1988-1993). Purnakarya Parasamya Nugraha is the highest state award given to areas assessed as successful implementation of development on a national scale.
Then, a chemical engineering graduate of ITB Bandung in 1959 was promoted again to the Coordinating Minister for People’s Welfare Development Cabinet VI (1993-1998), in charge of several ministers in the field of welfare. Male birth Minang Padang, West Sumatra, August 2, 1931, was always to approach the faith, and faith. He served by being lillahi ta’ala, or sebulat sincere and heart. Many people then sometimes be already considered as a pilgrim kyai. In fact, the son of Mato Air stakeholders Dt Rajo degree of Solomon was mediocre. He is Chairman of the Institute Gebu (Thousand Movement) Minang, which collects money from each one thousand dollars in the overseas Minang people to build homes.

Initially, the scholars of this chemical engineer is more prominent. It’s obvious if a career record, first as a lecturer at his alma mater, the ITB and IPB Bogor. Meanwhile, keulamaannya figure prominently in every speech and ordinary chat conversation. At the age of dusk he stepped back to highlight the nature cendekianya when sitting as a Board of Advisors of the Association of Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals (ICMI).
Served lillahi ta’ala or sebulat sincere and heart stricken by terpetik due. Ria, eldest daughter and the sole woman among five children, died in a plane crash on beach Merpati Nusantara Padang, in 1971. In an atmosphere of sadness he found a diary Ria, written on it, “We should be candles. Let the fire destroyed to grow, as long as other people can receive the benefits that we enlightened. ”
For him, the sentence contains another meaning, “If I love at Ria, do this message.” Azwar Anas practice solely dedicated as part of a charitable service to Allah.
AzwarAnas up the brilliant career since trusted to lead PT Semen Padang, the year 1970. Cement Company of West Sumatra community pride was in a fit condition at the time. He received his appointment with pleasure. All return home, he thought, because ever since graduating from college he worked more in the area of West Java. He has been a research center employees, assistant and lecturer at the alma mater of ITB and IPB Bogor, to work in armaments company PT Pindad Bandung.
Many people doubt the ability of real profitable company. Already developed opinions tend to be better sold PT Semen Padang. But once Azwar Anas intervene and work directly in the factory location, in the region Indarung, PT Semen Padang not only survive but can grow much at once lifted the name Azwar Anas. Five children’s father is proving himself a good entrepreneurs.
The success he achieved similar re-inhabit the house as Bagonjong aka West Sumatra governor’s office, something that had never previously imagined. In the childhood memories she was always afraid passes in front of the building in the Dutch first settled by the magnifying-ranking resident of Padang. However, after the office instead he Governorates based on it.
Minister of Home Affairs to the Governor Amirmachmud melantiknya on October 18, 1977. When acquainted with the community, in the first speech Azwar Anas quoted the famous speech of Hadrat Abu Bakr Siddiq when sworn in as the Caliph, who said, “If I am correct actions follow me, if one betulkanlah.”
Proved, the action is considered right Azwar Anas cause during 10 years of devotion he bersentuhkan approach faith and faith. He also was tired-tired of reminding people Minang aspect to remember in God, according to the slogan “ancestral lands syara jointed ‘and syara’ jointed Qur’aan”. He also expressed, on every occasion ranging from cities to remote villages, so that all the work intended for God alone to seek His pleasure. Aim to create a noble character or Akhlaqul Karimah.
Azwar Anas lucky to have a convincing performance with a clean face and hue steady voice recite the verses of the Qur’an and the hadith of the Prophet. With intelligence and appearance, he called for people to do good racing, working diligently, and diligently to build homes into the future better. He also cites a letter Ar-Radhu verse 11, “The fate of a people does not change if they do not try to change it.” People had to be touched and convinced that they alone must actively build area of West Sumatra. If in the era of Harun Zain West Sumatra people feel the price rise itself, in the era of Azwar Anas people of faith and faith nurtured.
Azwar Anas Anas the son of Hang Sutan The Earth, a former Head of Division Railway Padang, incised Law No. 1992 about 14 years of Traffic and Transportation Highways (LLAJ) as a legacy of gold inky. Originally appeared diverse outcry. Azwar Anas had dismissed the protests as well as pass LLAJ, with simple logic.
He said, first when the full aperture of the highway and stones only break of the risks. And, as it can be bought on the cheap. Very small possibility of collisions due to road vehicles is relatively low and not many. But with smooth roads and vehicles are no longer crowded the risk of fracture but a broken leg, arm, and even killed horribly. Then, where should buy it all because it was clear there was no sale.
That Azwar Anas, a national figure who still appeared as “Urang Crew”. Since Minang ketokohannya unites citizens overseas, since 1990 the position entrusted to him chairman of Minang Gebu Institute, a movement of one thousand dollars to collect money from every citizen as a form of participation to build a home.
His profile.
Name: Ir. H. Azwar Anas Born: Padang, West Sumatra, August 2, 1931
Children: Five (5) people
Dad: Hang Anas Sutan Early Earth
SD in Padang, 1944 
SMP in Bukittinggi, 1948 
Chemical Engineering ITB Bandung, SMA  1959 in Padang, 1951 
Management Course at Syracuse University, USA, 1959  Career:
Chemical Investigation Center employees, Bogor, 1951-1952 
Assistant Prof. Dr. Dupont at the Faculty of Agriculture Bogor, 1954 
Assistant Lecturer Extraordinary ITB, 1958-1959 
Head of a Pindad, 1960-1961 
Extraordinary professor ITB, 1959-1960 
Head Pindad Laboratoria Center, 1961-1964 
Head Pindad Works Center, 1965-1968 
Director of PT Purna Sadhana Pindad, 1968-1970 
Director of PT Semen Padang, 1970-1977 
Director of PT Semen Baturaja, 1973-1977 
Members of the Regional Representatives Assembly, 1972-1977 
Governor of West Sumatra, 1977-1987 
Minister of Transportation Fifth Development Cabinet, 1988-1993 
Coordinating Minister for People’s Welfare Development Cabinet VI, 1993-1998  Other Activities:
Chairman of the Board of Trustees IKIP Padang, 1975-1977 
Chairman of the Presidium I Indonesian Cement Association, 1971-1977 
Chairman of the Institute Gebu Minang, 1990-present 
PSSI chairman,  1992-2000 Home Address: JI. Green Building Raya No. 23 Pondok Indah Jakarta Selatan



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