Why Islam is taught in German Schools?

German states include religious instruction as part of the teaching curriculum in schools after the era of Nazi rule in the country over. The purpose of religious education in Germany, gives the basics of ethics and identity as Germans. For decades, religious education schools provided free education in Germany, Protestant and Catholic Christianity. The new Jewish religion classes introduced in 2003 and never thought to enter the religion of Islam as one of religious subjects in schools, but the country’s Muslim community there is an increasingly growing population today.
Muslim communities in Germany, mostly from Turkey. The German government considers them as “migrant workers” and never get the attention of the government like a German citizen. But lately the Germans began to accept Muslim immigrants as part of the country’s identity. German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble even say, the needs of Islamic teachings which is funded by the state for 900 000 Muslim students in Germany is very urgent.
According to a study carried out the German interior ministry recently, 80 percent of the Muslim community in Germany stated that they only wanted the schools in Germany are also taught the religion of Islam. Islamic religious teaching in schools are also getting support from some analysts who rate the teaching of religion can help the integration of Muslim communities.
“Muslim classes in public schools is a test for the integration effort. Muslim community will feel that they also get what is gained by the followers of other religions and feel it will cause a positive impact for them,” said Michael Kiefer, author of the history of the teaching of Islam in German schools.
He added, “better instruction in Islam is under the supervision of the state rather than allowing the emergence of educational institutions of the Koran which is under the management of Islamist institutions.”
German Muslims still face obstacles in the fight for the religion of Islam also is taught in schools. One problem is the variety of flow adopted by the Muslim community in Germany. There are Sunni, Shiite, Ahmadiyya and other Islamic sects.
“There is no one Islam and reflects the diverse manifestations of the various adherents of Islam in a stream in Islamic studies class, not an easy case,” said Jamal Malik, head of the department of Islamic studies at the University of Erfurt.
In addition to North Rhine Westphalia no other state in Germany that teach Islam in schools. And that’s because North Rhine Westphalia is the basis of the Muslim community in Germany. One third of Germany’s Muslim population live in this state. In North Rhine Westphalia there are 150 public schools that provide Islamic instruction for 13,000 students primary school to middle class students. In addition, approximately 200 schools to offer courses in Islamic studies funded by state and local Muslim organizations.
Islamic conference in Germany, a German government agency established in 2006, finally succeeded in negotiating with the German government to schools throughout Germany also teaches Islamic subjects. Wolfgang Schaeuble, the German interior minister has approved the institution wishes of the German Islam Conference.
These developments are of course happy the Muslims in Germany, one of which Kaddor Lamya, a Syrian Muslim who teaches Islamic studies subjects at school Gluecklauf. “Students need to understand who they are so they can understand the religion of others,” said Kaddor the students mostly from Turkish Muslim family.
According to him, the Muslim students are asking questions like “Is it permissible to have a girlfriend?”, “Do not use nail color?”, “Am I going to hell if I were gay”. It is conceivable if the Muslim students did not get an answer from the perspective of Islam because there is no Islamic religious subjects in schools.
“I teach students to study religion in an independent way. It is important for students in Germany for Islamic religious instruction in schools,” said Kaddor. Unfortunately, the number of teachers of Islamic religion is still very low, only about 25


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