There are six pairs of candidates for governor, five stylish appearance

Clothing not only serve to protect, to comfort, or make the body become more eye-catching, but also aims to reinforce the character and expression of the person wearing it. Not surprisingly, six pairs of candidates for governor and lieutenant governor who will contest the local elections to choose different clothing styles to captivate people in Jakarta currently enrolled in the Provincial Election Commission office in Jakarta. Six pairs of candidates, with five styles of dress. Hidayat Nur Wahid of the Prosperous Justice Party, for example, wearing a white colored shirt with a collar party color combinations of black, while her partner, Didik J Rachbini, wearing a blue safari clothing is removed. “Clothes are left outside the trousers because they want to show the impression of relaxed, free to move , and ready to work, “said Didik.

Bowo gubernatorial candidate who duet with Nachrowi Ramli who carried seven Democrats and other parties came wearing other clothes, Betawi style. Koko suit, cap, and gingham bib draped around his neck. Style dress with a matching pair and Ahmad Riza Hendardji Soepandji Patria. “I came to lead Jakarta, so I appreciate the native culture of Jakarta, the Betawi people,” said Hendardji.

Another with a partner Joko Widodo and Basuki Purnama Tjahaja that carried the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle and Gerindra. Both wear long-sleeved shirt in red gingham blue. His arms were rolled up, removed her clothes. According to Basuki, the clothes prepared Jokowi, Joko Widodo close calls. The message, “We get ready for work and sweat, not advanced so official, but it works for the citizens of Jakarta,” Basuki said. Meanwhile, the couple Alex Noerdin and Nono carried Sampono Golkar Party, the United Development Party and the Prosperous Peace Party chose to wear batik.

Successful team leader Alex-Nono, Ade Komarudin, had another reason. According to him, it’s a miniature Jakarta Indonesia. Therefore, Alex-Nono choose batik. “Batik is selected as the sign of the short arm ready to work hard,” he said. Faisal Basri and partner Benjamin Biem individual pathways that have developed from another style. They wear long-sleeved white shirt, black pants. His arms were rolled up. According to Faisal, a white shirt deliberately chosen because they wanted to start something with a clean, sincere, and want to fight for clean government. “We also rolled up their sleeves to work,” he added. (Windoro Adi / Imam Prihadiyoko / Clara Wresti / Dharmasaputra Sutta)

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