Getting Adipura preparation!

Adipura is a barometer of the arrangement of the city, which made the success indicators for the Executive Government in their respective areas. The Central Government makes reference to performance assessment for personnel in charge of the region.

Mayor of Jakarta to collect all the principal centers of existing neighborhood, which comprises the heads of kindergarten / elementary school, the Head of SMP, the head of school / vocational school, the Head of Agency of Health, Basic Education, Dikmen and supervisors and other components to prepare for obtaining a prestigious award that is Adipura .

Coordination meeting was held at the Hall Office Walikota Central Jakarta,

Who gave a briefing was Deputy Mayor of Central Jakarta Basic Education Agency, and the assessment team as well as directing, how urban environmental management in order to be beautiful, orderly, clean, comfortable, healthy. The event was hosted by Secretary of the Central Jakarta

Coordination meeting held March 26, 2012, all are instructed to correct the findings in the field by the Supervisory Team environment, the time of assessment scheduled for 1 April 2012

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