Sunnah prayers Taubah

  1. Overview About Repentance

Repentance is the voluntary prayers performed prayers of a Muslim when I want to repent for the mistakes he’s ever done. Conducted two rak’ah prayer repentance with free time except at the forbidden to perform the prayer (see the voluntary prayer). Prayers are done by one person due to regret what is immoral (sinful), and promised not to repeat his actions again.

Of Ali-radhiallahu anhu-of-the Prophet sallallaahu alayhi wasallam, said, “It is not a person in committing sin and then get up and purification, and prayer, and then beg forgiveness of God but Allah will give forgiveness to him.” (Narrated by At -Tirmidhi, Abu Dawud and Ibn Majah, and classed as saheeh by ash-Shaykh Albani in Saheeh Sunan At-Tirmidhi I/128) The above hadith the arguments made by scholars to be a sunnah prayer repentance, as indicated by the ash-Shaykh Muhammad ibn Umar Muthathawwi Bughyatul Bazmul in his book ‘Prayer at fii-Tatawwu’. Continue reading

Getting Adipura preparation!

Adipura is a barometer of the arrangement of the city, which made the success indicators for the Executive Government in their respective areas. The Central Government makes reference to performance assessment for personnel in charge of the region.

Mayor of Jakarta to collect all the principal centers of existing neighborhood, which comprises the heads of kindergarten / elementary school, the Head of SMP, the head of school / vocational school, the Head of Agency of Health, Basic Education, Dikmen and supervisors and other components to prepare for obtaining a prestigious award that is Adipura .

Coordination meeting was held at the Hall Office Walikota Central Jakarta,

Who gave a briefing was Deputy Mayor of Central Jakarta Basic Education Agency, and the assessment team as well as directing, how urban environmental management in order to be beautiful, orderly, clean, comfortable, healthy. The event was hosted by Secretary of the Central Jakarta

Coordination meeting held March 26, 2012, all are instructed to correct the findings in the field by the Supervisory Team environment, the time of assessment scheduled for 1 April 2012

There are six pairs of candidates for governor, five stylish appearance

Clothing not only serve to protect, to comfort, or make the body become more eye-catching, but also aims to reinforce the character and expression of the person wearing it. Not surprisingly, six pairs of candidates for governor and lieutenant governor who will contest the local elections to choose different clothing styles to captivate people in Jakarta currently enrolled in the Provincial Election Commission office in Jakarta. Six pairs of candidates, with five styles of dress. Hidayat Nur Wahid of the Prosperous Justice Party, for example, wearing a white colored shirt with a collar party color combinations of black, while her partner, Didik J Rachbini, wearing a blue safari clothing is removed. “Clothes are left outside the trousers because they want to show the impression of relaxed, free to move , and ready to work, “said Didik. Continue reading

Trace of Islam in France

Islam is a religion of peace, universal, and mercy for the whole of nature. Since the foundation, the religion of Islam was well received in many parts of the world. Starting from the Arabian peninsula, Asia, Africa, America, to Europe.

In the 20th century, Islam spread so rapidly in mainland Europe. Slowly, people in blue continent predominantly Christian and Catholic is starting to accept the presence of Islam. No wonder if then the religion of Islam became one of the serious attention of European society.
In France, Islam developed in the late 19th century and the beginning of the 20 M. In fact, in 1922, has established a very grand mosque named Masjid Raya Joseph in the French capital, Paris. Up to now, more than 1000 mosques stand throughout France.

In this country, Islam spread through immigrants from the Maghreb countries, like Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, and others. Sometime in the 1960s, thousands of Arab workers to immigrate (move) on a large scale into Europe, especially in France.

Currently, the number of adherents of Islam in France reached seven million people. With this amount, the French became the country with the greatest of Muslims in Europe. Following Germany about four million people and the UK around three million inhabitants. Continue reading

Fighting broke out in the Syrian capital, Damascus.

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Battle took place in the district of al-mezze, a place where a number of Syrian security facility is located. A shootout was reported in the Syrian capital, Damascus between Syrian troops and military supporters of the Liberation of President Bashar al-Assad. Witnesses said the machine guns and rocket-propelled grenade launchers came from the district of al-mezze.
Al-mezze is an area in central Damascus that is home to a number of security facilities and one part of a protected area with heavy weapons. In January Liberation Army Syria had mastered some of the suburbs of Damascus. Continue reading

Islam in Brazil

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“As salamu’alaikum!” Omar greeting when entering the mosque Mesquita da Luz, the first mosque in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Latin America, in the evening he was just breaking the fast during Ramadan (last year). Omar just knew a few words in Arabic, and he quickly went on a conversation with the Portuguese language with Muslim brothers who were much like him, who had converted to Islam in the largest Catholic country in the world.
On land more known for its bikini and Karnival Ekstravagansa (rah-rah over) featuring scantily clad women, a small but growing group of Muslims from various parts of the world. For decades, mainly descendants of families Libya, Palestine and Syria who came to practice Islam in Brazil. Continue reading