Aqidah Islam is essentially a faith in God, faith in the Angels, the faith in the scriptures of his faith to His Apostles, the faith in the final days, and faith in the destiny of good and bad. These basics have dijelaskankan by the Qur’aan and the Sunnah of His Messenger, Allah says in the scriptures:
“It is not your faces towards east and west is a service, but the service really is believing in Allah, days later, the angels, the books and the prophets …” (Surat al-Baqara: 177).
In a matter of fate, God says:
“Verily We created all things according to the destiny (size), and commands only a word we like the twinkling of an eye.” (Surat al-Qomar: 49-50).
The Prophet said while answering questions about the faith of the Angel Gabriel:
“Faith is: you believe in Allah, the angels, the books, His Apostles, days later, and believe in the destiny of good and bad.” (Narrated by Muslim).
Faith in God involves four things:
1. Believe in the existence of God.
Manifestation of God has been proven by nature, reason, syara ‘, and the senses.
a. Evidence of being God’s nature is that faith in the Creator is the nature of each creature, without first thinking or learning. And this fact is recognized by every person who has the right nature in his heart that there is something memalingkannya of this nature. The Prophet said: “All babies are born in a state of nature, the mother who makes him bapaknyalah Jews, Christians, or Zoroastrians.” (Narrated by al-Bukhari).
b. Reasonable proof of the existence of God is the process of creation of all beings, that all creatures are created there. Since it’s impossible to create his own creature, and perhaps not by coincidence. It is impossible to create his own creature, because the creature before he would have created nothing, and something that does not exist, it is impossible to create something. All creatures can not be created by chance, because each is created will require creators. The existence of creatures with the rules of harmony, order, and the close relationship between cause and pathogenesis, of the universe to each other. Everything was completely denied the existence of all creatures by accident, because of something by accident, at first would not regular, then how could then be organized and stay organized without being lain.Kalau factors can not create itself, and not created by chance, it is clear, the creatures have created, the Lord God of hosts.
c. God mentions that Naqli proposition in the letter qath’I Ath-Thur: “Were they created without anything, or whether they are created (themselves)?” (Surat At-Thur: 35).
From the above verse it is clear that the creature was not created without a creator, and the creature was not created himself. So obviously, that is God created mankind. When Jubayr bin Muth’im heard the Messenger who was reading the letter Ath-Thur and until the revelations of this: “Were they created without anything, or did they create (their own)? Or did they create the heavens and the earth? Actually they do not believe (what they say). Or are there beside them or their treasury Rabbmu ruling? “(Surat At-Thur: 35-37).
He, who when it was still polytheists said, “my heart almost flew. That was the beginning of the settlement of faith in my heart. “(Narrated by Bukhari).
In this case we want to give one example. If anyone tells you about the magnificent palaces, gardens surrounded by gardens, the confluence of rivers, covered by a carpet of tapestry, and decorated with various types of primary and supplementary decoration, then that person tells you that the palace with all this there is a kesempurnaanya itself, or created by chance without a creator, you certainly would not believe it, and consider these words are lies and silly sayings. If so, is it possible that the universe is vast and its contents; earth, sky and galaxy galaxy with a very neat system and created beautiful by itself or created by chance?
d. Evidence syara ‘about the existence of God that all divine books (which is derived from the sky) to talk about it. The whole law syara `which contains the human benefits brought by these books is the proposition that it came from kitabkitab the mighty Lord of Wisdom and knowledge of all the benefit of His creatures. The news that the universe can be witnessed by the reality of truth that is described in the books is also a theorem or proof that these books come from the Lord the Almighty to bring about what informed him.
e. Evidence of the existence of God logically be divided into two:
1). We hear and see terkabulnya prayers of people who pray as well as his help given to people who get the disaster. This certainly shows the existence of God. God says: “And (remember) Noah before that when diaberdo’a, and we allow do’anya, and We saved him and his family from great distress.” (Surat al – Anbiya: 76). “And remember) when you seek help to Rabbmu, then diperkenankannya for you …” (Surat al-Anfal: 9). Narrated by Anas bin Malik that he said, “There was a Bedouin came on Friday. At that time the Prophet was delivering the sermon. The man said “O Messenger of Allah, our property has been destroyed, all the hunger stricken people. Therefore, pray to God to overcome our difficulties. “The Prophet then raised his hands and prayed. suddenly the clouds came rolling like gununggunung. Before the Prophet descended from the pulpit, first rain fell and soaked beard beliau.Pada a second day Friday, Bedouin or another man stood up and said, ‘O Messenger of Allah, our buildings and property destroyed bendapun drowning, pray to God (so we survived). “Prophet then raised his hands, while berdo’Allah,” Ya Rabbi, send down rain around our country, and do not you drop in our country. “Finally, every place that he pointed with his hand into the light (without rain). “(Narrated by Bukhari). Until our time on this, we see and hear terkabulnya do `a people who truly submit to Allah Subhanahu wa ta` ala.
2) The signs of the truth of the Prophet called miracle, which can be seen or heard many people is a clear proof of being the one who sent the Prophet tesebut, namely God, because the things that happened outside the human capacity. God did as evidence of the truth amplifier, and help the Apostles. When God commanded Moses `peace be upon him to hit his stick into the sea, Moses struck, and the sea split into twelve channels are dry, while water between jalurjalur it becomes like the mountains that roll. He said: “Then We revealed to Moses,” Strike the sea with your staff. “Then the sea was divided and each part is like a big mountain.” (Surat ash-Syuara ‘: 63).
Example two: the miracle of the Prophet Jesus bring the people who have died; and out of the grave with the permission of Allah. He said: “… and I can raise the dead with the permission of Allah …” (Surat Al-Imran: 49). “… And (remember) when you remove the dead from the grave (to live) with my permission ..” (Surat Al-Maidah: 110).
A third example: the miracle of the Prophet Muhammad when the Quraish asked kenabiannya.Beliau evidence raised his hand pointed toward the moon, the moon while it also splits into two, and this incident was witnessed by people banyak.Allah says about this: “It has been close to (come) when (Resurrection) and has split the moon. And if they (the idolaters) saw a sign (miracle), they turned and said, “(This is) the magic constant.” (Surat al-Qomar: 1-2).
Miracles on which God created to prove the truth of a prophet, which can be perceived by human senses become proof of necessity form and the existence of God.
2. Rububiyah believe in God
Rububiyah believe in God means: fully believe that He is sole manager of the universe, no partner and no helper besides Him. Rabb is the substance that creates, has a well ordered. Thus, there is no creator besides Allah, there is no God other than the owner, and no orders other than his command.
He said: “… Remember, to create and govern only the rights of God. Most holy God, Lord of the Worlds. “(Surat al-raf: 54). He said: “… What (do) so that God Rabbmu, Him belongs the kingdom. And the people who you call (worship) besides Allah does not have anything though as thin cuticle. “(Surah Fatir: 13).
There is no denying kerububiyahan creature of God, except those who are arrogant he does not believe the truth of his words, as when Pharaoh said unto his people: “I am your Lord most high.” (Surat an-Naziat: 24)
And also when he said: “O Chiefs nation, I do not know god for you besides me.” (Surat al-Qasas: 38)
Allah says: “And they deny it because they kezdaliman and arrogance though their belief (truth) it.” (Surat an-Naml: 14).
Allah says:
Prophet Moses said unto Pharaoh, “Verily, you have to know that there is a decrease miracles except the Lord of the heavens and the earth as evidence of the real; and indeed I think you, O Pharaoh, one who will perish . ‘(Surat al-Isra’: 102).
Therefore, actually polytheists rububiyah acknowledge God, even though they were his partners in uluhiyah (servitude).
Allah says:
“Say,” Unto whom this earth, and all that is him, if ye know? “They will say,” kepunyan God “. Say, “Who are the seven heavens and the owner of a big Throne?” They replied, “belongs to God.” Say, ‘Will you not be cautious? “Say,” Who in His arms were kekusaan over all things, was he protecting, but no one can be protected from (the punishment of) Him, if ye know? “They would say,” belongs to God. “Say,” (if such ), then from the street where you cheated? “(Surat al-Mu’minun: 84-89). “And if thou ask them, ‘Who created the heavens and the earth, they will certainly say,” Everything is created by the Almighty, the Knowing. “(Surat az-Zukhruf: 9).
“And if thou ask them, ‘Who created them?”, They will certainly say, “God,” How then are they deluded away (from the Truth)? “(Surat az-Zukhruf: 87).
God commands include command of the universe (kauni) and the command syara ‘(syar’i). He is a natural regulator, switching the whole case, in accordance with the demands of his wisdom. He also determine the rules of worship and Muamalat hukumhukum accordance with the demands of his wisdom. Therefore, anyone who makes the decision rules of worship but Allah, and determining the rules you `amalat but God meant it had been associating partners with Allah and do not believe in Him.
3. Uluhiyah believe in God.
Uluhiyah believe in God means: truly believe that this is the true god and the only one, there is no partner for Him. Al Ilah means “al ma’luh”, ie something that is worshiped with great love and reverence.
Allah says:
“And your Lord is the Almighty God that there is no god (who has the right diibadahi) but He, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful.” (Surat al-Baqara: 163).
Allah says:
“God declares that there is no God (that exists) but He who uphold justice, the Angels and the people of knowledge (also stated as). There is no God (that exists) but He is the Mighty, wise. “(Surat Al-Imran: 18).
Every thing that is worshiped besides Allah, Uluhiyahnya is vanity. He said: “(God’s power) so it is for Allah, He (God) who haq and actually what they call upon besides God, that’s a falsehood, and Allah is He, the Most High, the Great.” (Surat al-Hajj: 62).
Allah says about laata, Uzza, and Manat called a god, but no right to say as a god: Allah said: “These are nothing but names which ye and your fathers have devised; God did not send down a keteranganpun to (worship) them … “(Surat An-Najm: 23).
Allah also says about the Prophet Joseph `Peace be upon him who says to his friend in jail:” O my two friends in prison, which is good, the gods variety or God Almighty, Mighty? You do not worship a God other than, except only (worship) the names of you and your ancestors invented it. God did not send down a keteranganpun about namanama it … “(Surah Yusuf: 39 – 40).
Therefore the Apostles’ Alaihimussalam say to people, his people:
“Worship Allah be with you all, once again there was no God (that exists) other than Him. Will ye not fear (Him)? “(Surat al-Mu’minun: 32).
Idolaters still deny it.
They still have to take God but Allah. They worship, asking for help and relief to the gods and associating partners with Allah. Retrieving gods who made the idolaters have been denied by God with two propositions: A.Tuhan-god who had taken no uluhiyah properties at all, because they are creatures, not able to create, can not bring benefits, not may deny the danger, do not have a life and death, did not have some of the sky and kecilpun nor share in its entirety.
Allah says:
“They took gods other than Him (to worship), that the gods did not create anything, even created their own and not the power to (refuse) kemudharatan something from him and not (also to take) something manfaatpun and ( also) do not power off, turn on and not (too) raise. “(Surat al-Furqan: 3).
Allah says:
“Say, ‘Call them what you think (as a god) but Allah. They do not has a (power) zarrahpun weighing in heaven and on earth, and they do not have a sahampun in (creating) the heavens and the earth, and Sharh Basic Principles of the Faith 31
It was not there among those who became an assistant for his useful Nor intercession with Allah, but for those who have allowed him get intercession … “(Surah Saba ‘: 22-23).
He said: “Are they associate (with Allah) that idols can not create anything? As for the idols made by people themselves. And the idols were not able to bring relief to the worshipers, and to him penyembahnya idols sendiripun were not able to provide help. “(Surat al-raf: 191-192).
If such circumstances were gods, then it is very stupid and very wrong when they make a god (god).
B. Actually idolaters acknowledge that God is the only Lord, the Creator, who in his hand power over all things. They also acknowledged that only He can protect and no one can be member in addition to his protection. This requires pengesaan uluhiyah (servitude), as they Oneness Rububiyah (deity) of God.
Allah says:
“O mankind, worship Rabbmu has created you and those before you, that ye may fear Allah. It was he who made the earth as a carpet for you and the sky as the roof, he lowered the water (rain) from the sky, then He makes the rain that all the fruits as a sustenance for you and therefore make not allies of Allah when ye know. “(Surat al-Baqarah: 21-22).
Allah says:
“And if thou ask them who created them? “They will certainly say,” God “. How then are they deluded away (from the Truth)? “(Surat az-Zukhruf: 87).
Allah says:
“Say, ‘Who gives you sustenance from the heavens and the earth, or who has power (creating) hearing and sight, and who took the living from the dead and who took the dead from the living, and who regulates all affairs “Then they will say,” God “. Then say, “Why do you not fear (Him)?” Then (Essence of such) that God Lord you the truth. Nothing after truth, malainkan error. How then are ye deluded away (from truth)? ” (Surah Yunus: 31-32).

4. Asthma believe ‘and the nature of God.
Faith in the Asma ‘(the names) and attributes of God, namely: to set the names and sifatsifat assigned by God to Himself in His holy book or the Sunnah of His Messenger, in a manner consistent with his greatness without tahrif (makana fraud), ta’thil (invalidate the meaning), takyif (ask how?), and imagery (par).
Allah says:
“God has Asmaaul husna, then memohonlah to Him by mentioning that most Beautiful and leave those who deviate from the truth in (say) namaSyarh name. They’ll get a reward for what they have done. “(Surat al-raf: 180).
Allah says:
“God has the nature of the Most High; He is the Mighty, the Wise.” (Surat an-Nahl: 60).
Allah says:
“… There is nothing like Him, and He is All-hearing, the Seer.” (Surat ash-shura: 11). In the case of Asma ‘and the nature of the two parties who are lost, namely:
a. Mu’aththilah groups, namely those who deny all the names and attributes of God or deny in part. According to their allegations, determine the names and attributes of God can cause tasybih (resemblance), which equate God with His creatures. This opinion is clearly wrong because: 1). Allegations in the above will result in the things that falsehood or wrong, because God has set for himself and the names sifatsifat, and have to deny something similar with him. If set the names and attributes that lead to the resemblance, there is a conflict in the kalam of Allah, which is part of His word betolak back with some of the others.
2). The existence of common names or the nature of two different substances does not require the equation both from all sides. You see there are two people who both men, the same hearing, seeing and speaking, but not necessarily the same in the meanings of humanity, hearing, sight, and speech. You also see some animals that have hands, feet and eyes, but the equation does not require the hands, feet and their eyes exactly the same. If the creatures are similar in name or just have a different nature, then by all means the difference between Khaliq (the creator) and creatures (created) will be more accurate.
b. Musyabbihah groups, ie groups which determine the names and attributes, but equate God with the creature. They think this is in accordance with the texts of the Qur’an, because God speaks to His slaves with Him that can difahaminya. This assumption is clearly wrong in terms of several things, among others:
1) equate God with His creatures is definitely something false, according to reason and syara ‘. Though it is possible texts holy book the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Messenger shows understanding falsehood.
2). God speaks to His slaves with Him who can understand its meaning. The nature of meaning associated with the substance and nature of God is known only to God alone. If God decided to Himself that He is Hearing, the hearing had been informed of the terms of its meaning, namely to catch the sounds. But the nature of it, when ascribed to God’s hearing is not known, because the very different nature of the hearing, although the creature-creature though. Certainly the nature of differences in the nature of the creator and the created more different.
If God preached about Himself that He dwells on His Throne, the word “dwelling” in terms of the original meaning is understood, but the nature of God bersemayamnya not be known. Because bersemayamnya the creatures, one with very different options, such as the example; reside on different seats enthroned on the mount animals, if only bersemayamnya a different creature apatah again bersemayamnya the Creator with the creature bersemayamnya, far different course again.
The fruit of faith in God:
1. Pengesaan realize God that does not rely on something other than God, not afraid of the others, and to worship none but Him.
2. perfection of love of God, and glorify Him in accordance with the names of his beautiful and attributes his high Maha.
3. Realization of worship to God by doing what is commanded and avoid what is forbidden to him.



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